Video Request for help for a video I plan to make for SG patch changes

Discussion in 'Videos' started by clawmaster, Dec 20, 2016.

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    Hello everyone!

    I am requesting help with footage for when the final patch comes out for Skullgirls to retail. I got the idea after watching this video today for Killer Instinct, and thought to myself...I should make this for SG. Now as far as what footage I want, I only want the big changes that happen for each character, rather then the small for everyone have a good idea of how each character is now in the new retail version. If your interested in helping me put this together, pm me with the footage of the change. I will credit everyone in this video project. Thank you ahead of time! I post the video below of what I am plan on do. (also I have a green screen, and a 86d skullgirls shirt, so I can rock it like in the video)

    I might even parody this a bit in the video :^P

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