Project Restarting that Skullgirl RPG fangame

Discussion in 'Art and Other Media' started by Todpole, Jan 27, 2020.

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    Remember that RPG that was being made a few years ago by FunkyHellboy?

    If not, that's okay.
    After playing that Skullgirl Mobile game for a bit, I thought I might restart the project. And already had the original project on my machine when I was a tester so some of the work was already done(mainly the sprites). I'm not promising anything since I'm just setting up the main party at the moment and I want to make a working prototype before I do anything serious. Right now I just want to know what kind roles the characters should be and what story be in the story. I have a rough idea for Parasoul and Valentine being a buffer and debuffer and I'm thinking of Painwheel only able to target at random and as for the story, I have an idea for a beginning(Marie meeting Double) and ideas for the final dungeon(either Maplecrest/Church or Double's Hell depending on the final boss) but anything in between is a mess.

    As things I'm sure about:
    • The main party is Filia, Ms.Fortune, Cerebella, Parasoul, Peacock, Painwheel, Squigly, Valentine and maybe in the final dungeon Bloody Marie
    • Maybe there will be more but Eliza and Double aren't going to be party members.
    • Fukura isn't going to be a part of the story at all.(Maybe the super optional
    • 3 party members but switching in combat is possible
    • No healer role. Only way to heal in battle would be items, the regan/heavy regan buffs or winning fights
    • Regan MP every turn
    • Blockbusters and specials are separate from each other
    So lets brainstorm.
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