Spotlight Second Encore Upgrade Available On Steam 4/13

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    Skullgirls: Second Encore content that was previously exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita releases will soon be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam on the 13th of April this year. Through a purchasable expansion, you will gain access to features such as voiced story mode, trials, survival mode, and challenges.

    In addition, this package also contains all of the previously released downloadable content available for Skullgirls including each of the characters added since release as well as the expanded color palette selections for every character. However, be aware that there will not be a price reduction for the package if you are already in possession of the DLC. Those who own the DLC prior to purchasing the second encore content will be getting a discount.

    To make up for this, the Second Encore Upgrade will be available for $10 USD for a week following its release, and will later be priced at $15 after this period ends. For one third of the price of purchasing each DLC individually, you will gain access to all of the DLC in addition to the many new features that were previously offered solely on consoles.

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Discussion in 'News Section' started by Fizzxwizz, Apr 8, 2016.

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