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    Skullgirls EU SG-EU
    Hello everyone, Skullgirls EU is a Steam group exclusive for pc players.

    We organizing weekly events for all of us, so we can have fun competing, improving our skills together and keep the PC community of fighting games strong and alive...

    We encourage you to make use of the chat, make friends and train together...

    So far we hosted two events in the past two weeks and this weekend we sheduled a new one, for more info read the next post and check the Skullgirls EU Steam group LINK for upcoming events.
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    Skullgirls EU Skullgirls EU

    Skullgirls EU SG-EU
    SG-EU: Weekend Tournament 3 !

    Hello everyone!

    We scheduled a new event for this weekend, as the last time it will take place on the same day an hour, saturday, starting at 2:30pm UTC/GMT, with the same rules, best of 3 / double elimination tournament.

    Use the next link as reference for the time the event starts: UTC/GMT Time

    **If we have a lot of participants we may change the event rules to single elimination, and you will be informed before the begining of the tournament.**

    Every player that is interested to participate MUST sign up and join the group chat at the time stated above.

    Players will have to invite to a lobby the rival to resolve the match, following the brackets system list.

    At the end of the match the participant will have to update who won the match through the bracket system we use... Just in case, the winner needs to take a screenshot of every match won in case someone decide to be funny and update with the wrong result.
    If something like that happen i may ask for the picture to know the real result of a match.

    Any participant that is not on the group chat when his match is about to take place will be desquilified, same rule applies if a participant in the group chat doesn't answer or accept the invite for the game.

    Group members joining to spam the group chat, making difficult the continuity of the event will be banned without any warning and disqualified from the event if they signed up for it.

    Be sure your game works properly before deciding to sign up, (connection, performance, etc), so everyone can enjoy the event without any major problem.

    ******************************** Sign Up link ***************************************

    PD1: The bracket seeds will be suffled before the beginning of the event and wont be final until then.

    PD2: Have fun and lets make the event even better than the last one together! :)
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  3. I guess the admin is still upset that I beat him a few times during the beta?


    No wonder EU is dead.
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    Steam is legit. #Kappa
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    Hey if you are still going you should get together with Vlad for skullbats eu

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