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    Since I can only assume no one has done this yet on this site (and if they have, it's been a long time since they've updated it) I figured a thread centered around posting, critiquing, and comparing OCs would only be natural for a universe as zany as Skullgirls. With this in mind, I welcome any new members to this thread, and here's my current OC


    Originally climbing the cliffsides of the Iron Islands to escape the ravages of the Grand War many generations ago, the Arbiter was merely a young monk nearly suffering death from the hands of the Canopy Kingdom as a non-believer and heretic to the Holy Trinity. In reality, he felt that the world around him was in a transitory state, and believed he and his secular kin could search for ascendancy. After finding it deep within the Oracle Of Kala, the believed gatekeeper to the Ascended World, the Arbiter fused his body with the Goddess, forming a sacred union that bonds their every thought and emotion. Now, as the Skullgirl arises once again, so to has The Arbiter arisen from his secluded past to walk upon the mainland once again, joining the fight for some arcane purpose only he and Kala understand.

    Age: 112 Ascended Years (56 Human Years)

    Birthday: April 21

    Bloodtype: Fluctuates

    Height: 6’8

    Weight: Fluctuates

    Measurements: 55-38-42

    Likes: Harmony, Studying, Training, Order, Logic, The Will Of Kala, Four-Dimensional Chess, Proverbs, Younglings, Compatriots, Those with knowledge of their own

    Dislikes: The Trinity, The Canopy Kingdom, Gambling, Relying on others, Those who speak down upon the Order Of Kala, Misbehaving, Disorder, Illogical Philosophy, Kala’s incessant rambling
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    isnt there already an Oc thread in the misc section?

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