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Skullgirls patch/build list

Discussion in 'Gameplay General' started by OldOnyxBones, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. @Mike_Z said something about somebody providing dates for different builds/releases on Skullheart. I don't know if this the most useful format but I didn't see it anywhere so here's a "shorter than it could be" list of notable retail releases on Steam, dates, and links to patch notes from various sources.

    I might update this or not with better links, info, and corrections at some point because other people may want a more detailed change list that covers more than major retail changes? Builds I'd personally want is the next post down.

    Notable Retail Releases (open)

    Previous major build with all fixes (current retail)
    June 22nd 2016
    Title screen build ID 14058

    First retail Linux release?
    October 2nd 2015 or August 22 2015?

    Encore 1.05/ 2nd Encore 1.00 (Robo Patch)
    July 7th 2015

    Encore 1.04 (Beowulf Patch)
    April 17th 2015

    Last bug fixes before Beo and Robo
    October 27th 2014

    Encore 1.03 (Eliza Patch)
    September 30th 2014

    Last bug fixes before Eliza
    September 3rd 2014

    Encore 1.02 (“Real” Fukua Patch)
    May 13th 1014
    Among other things, this was the patch that Valentine had her colors changed. Older builds could be an issue?

    Encore 1.01 (Big Band Patch)
    April 22nd 2014? or April 26th 2014

    April 1st Fukua Patch
    April 1st 2014

    Last patch before Fukua or Big Band
    March 18th 2014

    February 7th 2014

    1st Retail Windows release / MDE ?
    August 22 2013

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  2. Some of these are from the Endless Beta so they might not even exist anymore but these are the builds I'd personally want access to if archiving other builds than the current retail is a thing.

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    Endless Exploding Robo Build
    Beta May 13th 2015
    was fixed/implemented as not so free and not so endless explosions in Beta May 19th 2015

    Last Retail patch before Eliza
    September 3rd 2014

    Encore 1.01 with fixes? (Val colors could be an issue?)
    April 25th 2014

    1st Windows Beta? (same as above if it even still exists)
    Beta July 16th 2013
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