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    SkullgirlsTV is a group of dedicated Skullgirls fans, dedicated to bringing YOU quality Skullgirls content. This will eventually range from guides, to tech videos, and eventually even to podcasts. We aim to be a great hub for Skullgirls content, and we hope you enjoy having us.

    Our first video was produced the other day. We think you'll enjoy it.

    We're on Twitter, too! Follow us there for instant updates! Look out for more content coming soon. Also, we ARE taking new members, so if you are capable of recording video, voicing videos, editing videos, or anything else similar, we'd love to have you. Don't be shy about asking to join :D Please do so by DMing our Twitter.

    As far as the "Hitstop Drop" tech. This was the best name we could come up with. "Unbirthday" has also been suggested by Mike Z. Feel free to choose whatever name you feel is most appropriate!
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