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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by arias, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. arias

    arias New Member

    When I play the story mode images become slow but the lines of dialogue progressing normally; I wonder if there a way to fix?
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  2. Pacce

    Pacce New Member

    Ms. Fortune
    Same, it messes up the Story Mode intro and ending for all but the DLC characters.
    Hoping for a fix.
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  3. bunbunluvcake

    bunbunluvcake New Member

    Hello everyone I have been having issues with Skullgirls Encore on Steam when I play on
    Story mode. When it comes to fighting against CPU/other players it does not
    lag and is 100% fine. Unfortunately when scenes come up in story mode: the voices,
    text, and clips/scenes do not sync together, and skips the ending. I have
    reinstalled this game, changed the dialogue settings, and I
    have had the same results. Any suggestions?

    Thank you
  4. bunbunluvcake

    bunbunluvcake New Member

    I have fixed it. Go to Menu -> Help & Options -> Settings -> Music Volume % to 0 -> play one round of story mode or arcade -> turn on the sound again. Now it will work enjoy :D

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