So ... Game Palettes [Possible to revert back to an old state?]

Discussion in 'Skullmod' started by SeValentine, Jun 4, 2020.

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    been a long long LONG time of actually using this forum and i recently got my curiosity over doing game minor and harmless modifications to the game.

    so far just reverting back the red cross stuff regarding Illeum NPC, Valentine Story sprites, palettes and Fan-Art as well for Parasoul 2 palettes and so far a few things been running good without crashes or anything weird.

    but seems what really seems beyond impossible *unless im doing something in a wrong way* is to actually revert palettes back to his original state even just for changing one single color of an original base palette:

    this is how is looks on the character selection: [​IMG]

    and this is how appears ingame: [​IMG]

    seems what its either impossible to revert such pallete back to his original base color or im missing to add something else in order that the palette changes ingame as well and not only on the character selection.

    any ideas?

    help in advanced and suggestions would be amazing :3

    Edit 6/20: If anyone knows how to work around a way to modify game palette's ingame, please send a DM or add on steam =)
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