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Discussion in 'Indivisible' started by Enzy, Apr 30, 2016.

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    1) Since (so far) this doesn't seem to have a multiplayer or online component as Skullgirls did, are we allowed to edit the sprites?
    2) Are there going to be any "Feelies" (physical bonus content) or special editions (a la the Skull Heart Box) in any planned retail releases?

    Didn't see this info elsewhere, so any help would be appreciated. I also was curious about some tier-related things, but I can't afford the ones I'm after most (because no stable income, i haz a sad), so I'll hold those questions for if I can get them.
  2. KaboomKid

    KaboomKid Sure would be nice. ...TUNA FISH!

    LabZero's not going to give us open access to their tools, but if you can crack their sprite format, and have the skills to produce a quality mod (that you can live with) across hundreds of frames of animation, then they won't kill you for trying. I don't think Indivisible being a singleplayer game really makes a difference here.
    Right now the Backer-Exclusive Physical Release from the IGG campaign is what they're imagining as a special edition. Peter's mentioned that it'll probably feature a lot of cool stuff they don't plan to have in the retail physical release (re: here/here). Take this seriously! As awesome as the Skullheart Box is, the Physical OST it comes with is actually still a downgrade from the IGG Physical OST that SG Backers got. Don't miss out! (fyi - a Physical release of SG wasn't offered during that IGG, but it probably would have looked amazing.)

    At some point they're also hoping to have mockups for this stuff when they offer upgrades (here), but we'll still have to wait a while for that.

    Good luck!

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