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Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by Lmaokai, Jun 6, 2016.

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    Hey, so I'm really new to both the community and the competitive scene for skullgirls. I had played the game for a year bit hadn't decided to take it seriously until recently. I was wondering if there were any setups or combos that go well with Eliza/squigly, and also what kind of assist attacks I should set more specifically Eliza on? Any help is appreciated!
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    I think H Spiral assist is cool for Squigly. It lets you get charge mid combo, and you can get cool resets with how the last hit pops them up.
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    I don't play this team myself, but Alexpi (hi Alex) uses these two toegether and uses Horace for Eliza's assist. Squigly gets really, really nasty high/lows with it and it can save her against mashing.
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    Pretty much any good Eliza assist gives Squigly a stance charge. Carpenter's Axe is the most fiddly to time, but Birdman, H Spiral, and Butcher's Blade all give easy charges and are generally good. The trick for Horus is to hit s.hk and basically plink the assist call. Since he's hitting an airborne opponent, you get a super high bounce and have lots of time to build charge and continue the combo.

    On the flip side, there are basically two generically good assist options Squigly can offer: cremation (c.hp) or drag n bite. Both are nice multi hit moves. Cremation offers a bit more for mixups while drag n bite offers more combo extensions and a bit more options in block strings. I lean towards drag n bite, but I also run a trio and it's much better for my third.

    For combos, just hit up Caio's bnb compendium. There's some character/team specific stuff and more optimized options out there, but the compendium is where you should start.

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