Suggestions for Incarnations and Enemies who are base from History/Mythology/Folktales/Legends

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    My favourite games I had played, have many characters base mostly from mythology/history/folktales, like Shin Megami Tensei series, Odin Sphere, etc...
    One of the main reason I want to play Indivisible: All its characters base heavily by those standards I love in these type ofgames.

    So I decided to create a Thread to suggest or even just say what we wish to see in the game base different mythology/history/folktales around the world.
    I am from Greece, so I have some suggestions.


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    *From Wikipedia*
    Klepht & Armatoloi
    were Christian Greek irregular soldiers, or militia, commissioned by the Ottomans to enforce the Sultan's authority within an administrative district called an Armatoliki. They were organized based on a feudal system under which they maintained their military/police duties in exchange for titles of land. When the Ottomans conquered Greece in the 15th century, they established treaties with the armatoloi in order for them to maintain their military/police functions. The Ottomans would have units of armatoloi or kapetanioi (καπετάνιοι, captains) function as peace-keepers in territories near difficult terrain (i.e. mountain passes) or in areas where resistance to foreign rule entailed acts of theft by the klephts.


    How would you feel if I say we have many different kind of VAMPIRES base of folktales in different part of Greece?
    Please read a free translation of information I found about them:

    *The first names are different places of Greece and below is the descriptions of the vampires*

    "The vampires are dress in white and they have always around them a leader, three times in size and it is all black. No eyes, mouth, ears,etc. Just a humanoid black void. Finally the other vampires dance around their leader. They appear only after midnight and they only leave to hide if they hear a white rooster scream three times."

    "The vampires are animated walking Skeletons."

    Σπέτσες, Ύδρα και Κύθηρα
    "The vampires are humpback ugly humans with black hands and long nails. They never speak and they create strange mouth sound like silent singing"

    "The vampires are ghosts with long beards and long sharp nails. However if they come in contract with the living, they take a physical form and they destroy everything around them."

    "The vampires are made of FIRE, they can become INVISIBLE and they can also TELEPORT! *AWESOME!*"

    "These vampires can come out in the day, however they make a lot of noise *like the Nazguls*"

    "These vampires come out only in the cold nights of the Winter which they use the wind to guide them to house to house. Also they love the cold wind *duh...*"

    These vampires come out when the night full-moon *like a classic vampire*. However they can also come out when it is raining. Even if it is in the daylight.

    The vampires are black and they have shiny flesh. They can also light into the darkness.

    Someone can become a vampire if someone died and never get buried properly. Also you could become a vampire if you die while you were drinking. *yep....*


    Again a Vampire......but he is a VAMPIRE PIRATE!!!

    "A pirate who visit Mikono in 18th Century, died and the people who know him buried him so his soul find peace. However this never happened and he raised to cause massive damages around the Island. For that reasons the people decided to find his grave, remove his heart and throw it to another place, Kardiokaftis. Sadly this DOESN'T STOP HIM and he raised once again from his grave to find the people who removed his heart. The only way to stop him now for a small time, is to cut his head with a sword. But he will come back again."

    I have many other kind of creatures/people I want to share with you because it get more crazier.
    What about you? What do you want to see in Indivisible?
  2. Magma442

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    Medici Tower.
    You're suggesting stuff for a game that's already being developed where the incarnations are already set and at this point in time they probably have a rough idea of what the enemies are going to be.

    Also you seem to like Vampires a lot.

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    Put me in as an incarnation why don't ya :P
  3. SweetShark

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    I don't mind if my suggestions never make it in the game. I just doing this for fun mostly.
    You can't believe how much material our Greek folktales have to create so many games.

    Also many Medieval Bestiaries are full of wonders in my opinion.
    I will write more of them in the future.

    Vampire in Greece in reality have a different name. We call them "Βουρκολακες". The word means the people who come from the Mud. These people are the ones which didn't get a proper burial ritual, so they had become curse to eat flesh of the living.
    In other words the without taking into account the different versions of other vampires depends the place in Greece, these Vampires were Zombies covered with Mud.
    So awesome.
  4. SweetShark

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    Today I have some suggestion base of Art Pieces from Medieval Bestiaries.
    It have even classic animals and insects like dolphins, spiders, ants, etc. However how the artist represented them without know something about them?
    Here are my Top selections of well-know species, plus other kind of creatures:

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    Yes, these dogs are Ants. The classic Ants we know. They are know as "The Ants of Ethiopia" and they dig Gold.

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    The asp is a serpent that avoids the enchantment of music by pressing one ear against the ground and plugging the other ear with its tail.

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    The amphisbaena is a two-headed lizard or serpent. It has one head in the normal position, and another at the end of its tail. It can therefore run in either direction. Its eyes shine like lamps, and has no fear of cold.

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    Barnacle goose

    Barnacle geese come from trees that grow over water. These trees produce birds that look like small geese; the young birds hang from their beaks from the trees. When the birds are mature enough, they fall from the trees; any that fall into the water float and are safe, but those that fall on land die.

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    A beast that weeps after eating a man.....

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    Good material for an awesome Boss.

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    A gentle, multicolored beast whose only enemy is the dragon
  5. SweetShark

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    I realized something about an enemy Lab Zero showed us in a trailer:


    This crocodile creature is in my opinion indeed base the Medieval version of Crocodile.
    Why you may ask?


    From the description"

    "A crocodile, attacked by its enemy the hydrus, which has entered the crocodile's mouth and is eating its way back out."

    Please tell me I am right on this one Lab Zero? This would be cool.
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  6. chillbean

    chillbean wasting time

    That actually does look pretty similar. LabZero have mentioned before that they're interested in splicing and dicing aspects of different mythos' in order to create locations, characters and enemies. I wouldn't be surprised if they took some inspiration from that creature, but the snakes and crocodile are independently referencing other creatures. The snake heads in the indivisible creature look similar to the south east asian horned serpents that inspired Alex to create Naga Rider.
  7. SweetShark

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    Interesting. Do you have an link about the snake to read? The only thing I saw is this one:

    In reality there is another enemy in the trailer which combine two important mythological figures, but it is more obvious:


    Pindayar is base a real town with the name Pindaya.

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    *From Wikipedia*
    According to local legend, the term Pindaya is a corruption of the word Pinguya, which translates to Taken the Spider in Burmese. The name arose from the legend that there was once a large spider which resided in the caves and it had captured a local princess. The princess was rescued when the giant spider was slain by a prince using a bow and arrow. When the spider was killed, the prince was said to have exclaimed that he had taken the spider, that is to kill it. Thus, the exclamation became the name of the region, and from it Pindaya received its name.

    Obviously this Boss is a combination of the Spider and the Prince.

    However by FAR the most interesting thing is the title the Boss have:
    Vetala Beast Lord

    From the Web:
    The vetala is another vampire of India. The vetala are a class of demons in Hindu mythology that have the power to enter the bodies of human or animal corpses and reanimate them. They can enter living victims as well, and manipulate them as they please.

    So in others, if we that we see is a Vetala, this means a vampire demon being control the dead boby pf the prince and the spider.

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  8. WaterMystic277

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    No Man's Land
    holy shit this is cool as fuck

    (Also you greeks are obsessed with vampires goddamn. Did twilight do well over there?)
  9. SweetShark

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    I never saw or read Twilight series, but I guess it is popular for the little girls.
    Also I love classic and unique vampires, NOT the one that sparkles in daylight.
    Also I am spot on about the vampires, because it seems Lab Zero use vampires [Vetala] for the main plot of the game.
  10. SweetShark

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    I just discovered as well what is the wolf creature in the trailer. You can even see its name if you apay attention:


    Rompo is a mythological beast with the head of a hare, human ears, a skeleton-like body, the front arms of a badger, and the rear legs of a bear. It feeds only on human corpses and it is said to croon softly as it eats. Stories about the Rompo are found in India and Africa. The legend of the Rompo may have been inspired from sightings of any of the Old world porcupines.

    In other words, this is NOT a wolf. It is hybrid of a Hare and a Badger.
    Again cool.
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  11. superj3

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    Ms. Fortune
    I remember when I was kid I read a book about monsters around the world. One of the monsters that could fit in this game is the orangbati some kind of orangutan/bat hybrid that kidnaps kids and anybody who encounters it dies. I think they're making something like that already right?
  12. SweetShark

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    Do you mean the bat thing we see in the trailer also:


    It is a Ahool it seems:

    The Ahool or the Athol is a winged cryptid. Some portrayed the creature as a giant bat, while others claim it is flying primate.
    Although it mainly eats fish, it will occasionally attack humans. One scientist theorized that the creature may be related to another cryptid, the
    Kongamato. But its description describes more of a bat-like creature than a reptile-like one. So it may be more related to Orang Bati.

    So you were close enough.

    However this game me an idea to post Crypids that we have in Greece.
    Also I will look the other enemies of Indivisible to see from were they are base of.

  13. SweetShark

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    The Tree creature btw from a quick search is a Kabandha:


    Kabandha was "as big as a mountain, dark as a black cloud, with pointed hairs all over his body and looked fierce with a voice as loud as thunder. He had an eye on his stomach, round and yellow, emitting a glare like a fire-name. Looking wicked he thrust his big tongue out of his huge mouth licking the sides."The Ramayana presents a similar description of Kabandha. Kabandha had a broad chest and was without a head or neck. He had only one eye on his chest and a mouth on his belly. He used his long arms to draw his prey closer. Kabandha is often depicted as a tree.
  14. SweetShark

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    After a lot of thinking, I decided to ppst another suggestion for another Incarnation related with Greece once again:

    Show Spoiler


    Cretan archers

    At the heart of a well-known oldest myth are the proud Cretan warriors, who fought valiantly trying to stave off the inevitable, the fall of Constantinople. The Cretans, mostly archers, had come as volunteers from the Great Island to help the City defense. Historians of the conquest place the three towers of the Golden Horn, located near where the tie chain that closed the bay, perhaps the most crucial point of the City defense in the early stages of the siege. At the final storming of the Ottomans, the Cretans fought bravely and even not allowed Turks to tread << >> part of the walls that had been in their custody. The Turks, anxious to participate in the looting of Constantinople and understanding that we had to pay a disproportionately heavy toll on to step three well manned towers, decided to allow them to leave the price, with arms and their possessions. Cretans boarded the two ships had been brought from Candia and moved to the big island. The stories of one of the Cretans, Peter Carthage or Grammatiko, are the basis of the manuscript of 1460, which is now kept in the Monastery Vatopedi on Mount Athos. The figure gives to Cretan fighters is 1500, which is however rather hyper-few hundred seems likely. Also, ships gives is five and the chroniclers of the conquest speak for two. However, the heads of volunteers Cretans was Manoussos Kallikratis from Sfakia, Gregory Vatsiana Maniakis Askifou and Peter Carthage or Grammar of Cydonia. Andreas Makris from Rethymno and Pavlis Kamateros from Kissamos were the other two heads. According to the romantic (but without basis in fact) folk legend, the Cretan ships never arrived on the island, but were wandering in a timeless sea, until the day the Greeks will try to retake the town. Then, says the tradition, the Cretans will return and will join forces with other Greeks in the ultimate battle for Constantinople.
  15. superj3

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    I've been playing a lot SMITE lately and since it's based upon mythologies around the world, I thought some of the Hindu characters would fit in the game. We already have a bad guy named Ravana and Ajna is based upon various forms of Vishnu. So we an endless amount of incarnations and enemies we could possibly have. Bakasura, Kali, Sun Wukong, Kumbhakarna and others could be bosses or incarnations.
  16. Shan

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    Played and finished Order of Ecclesia recently, and realized one monster from the game could be cool to see in Indivisible : the Santelmo (it's called Saint Elmo in OoE i think)

    To quote Wikipedia

    The term santelmo is the shortened form of the Tagalog words "Apoy ni San Elmo "-"St. Elmo's Fire". St. Elmo's Fire has long served as an omen of heavenly intervention to sailors.
    St. Elmo's Fires have ranged from a ghostly dancing flame to natural fireworks. It usually is of a blue or bluish-white colour attached to fixed, grounded conductors and has a lifetime of minutes. The flame is heatless and non-consuming, occasionally accompanied by a hissing sound.

    I've seen them represented as either flaming orbs or more humanoid ghostly apparitions.

    Oh yeah, the Tikbalang is cool too !

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    It is generally described as a tall, bony humanoid creature with disproportionately long limbs, to the point that its knees reach above its head when it squats down. It has the head and feet of an animal, most commonly a horse. It is sometimes believed to be a transformation of an aborted fetus which has been sent to earth from limbo.

    Folklore says that one can tame a Tikbalang and compel it to be one's servant by plucking three golden hairs from its mane. There are also stories where a Tikbalang asks its intended prey a riddle. Someone who manages to answer correctly will be rewarded with a pot of gold.

    Other legends depict the Tikbalang as a monster of the night, with eyes that glow red. This version of the Tikbalang casts it as a fearsome creature, a real danger to people. It is believed that when it is angered - and it is easily angered - it stomps on people with its hooves until they die. In these tales, the Tikbalang is always accompanied by the stench of burning hair and smokes great big cigars.
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