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Discussion in 'Gameplay General' started by KhaosMuffins, Apr 2, 2021.

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    I'm working on editing the Skullgirls Team Building guide, and one thing I want to do is list the synergy between characters. I made a template to get a view on the relationships from a one-sided perspective, and I need one for each character.

    This is caring only for how X character likes Y characters as a partner, not the other way around. But I'm getting one for every character, so it works out.

    Things to consider for (one-sided) synergy:
    • Does this character provide good assists or DHCs?
    • If I'm a character that likes to spend meter, does this partner operate as a good battery? (I can only imagine this will be used for Fortune and maybe Beowulf)
    • You guys will ultimately know what your characters want better than I do, so think of any considerations I missed.

    Things that I'm not considering for the lists, but will still be mentioned in character sections:
    • Do these characters compete for positions on a team?
    • Are both characters meter hungry?
    • Can this partner deal well with this character's bad matchups?
    • Is this shell good as a duo or incomplete?
    • Does this shell limit your options for a third character, or do they go well with any third?

    If you think that some of the factors from the second list should go into the first, I am down for that as I can already see fair arguments for some.
    As for the things on the second list, I'll ask for help on that later after I fill out and clean things up a bit more in the guide.

    Would prefer that you discuss these with others (in this thread or the Maincord channels) so I don't get 5 lists for one character. Seems like people are mainly sticking to Discord for these talks, but things also get buried quickly so feel free to also use this thread if you have any breakthroughs or whatnot.

    The template:
    Don't worry too much about placing Annie since she's new and still being adjusted.

    The Squigly and Valentine channels in Maincord already had lists pinned to use as examples.

    The Brazilian Skullgirls community also has an excellent spreadsheet of character synergies to compare notes between communities.
    Skullgirls Brasil - Planilha de Informações - Google Sheets
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    Big Band: Best assists in the game, best damage output in the game, only con is no safe dhc from band but it hardly matters
    Double: Best assists in the game, great damage output, has safe dhc
    Most pw players use those two in some capacity.
    Robo: Great neutral assist, anti meta, works great against meta assists, safe(ish) dhc, easy to tag out of
    Annie: great dhcs for high damage, all her assists are amazing, she's like a little band.
    Para: Good projectile for neutral, good dp if you want it, safe dhcs.
    Fukua: Honestly not sure but I think her drill and safe dhcs are pretty handy for pw
    Bella: Personally I don't think she's very useful but taluda puts in good work with copter and pw likes lockdown assists too. Damage output also good.
    Eliza: Mostly useful for spiral and also good damage from eliza point into pw install
    Fortune: She'd be lower if it wasn't for the fact that pw can actually use H Fiber, and her ability as a battery helps her be as high as she is as well.
    Squigly: Meter hungry, not very useful assists outside of dnb, has a safe dhc, potential damage dhcs?
    Peacock: L george is god but pw mostly plays in the air so it's mostly w/e for her. great battery though. Painwheel is more useful for Peacock than Peacock is for pw imo.
    Filia: Has a DP, has hairball, that's about it, nothing too useful for pw imo and she can get these two and more with anyone else above her on the tier, potential for high damage output dhcs with filia level 3.
    Beo: idk, I don't really play this guy but I feel like neither really care that much for each other, if pw is on the team, band is likely on it and it's mostly for band, not beo.
    Val: literally useless maybe some niche with h bypass but again lots of better assists out there, neither character likes each other much. only play as a lore team.

    These are hard to make 'cause I don't play pw with anyone outside of 4 characters but hey, those are my thoughts.

    Eliza could probably go to 'decent partners' but I'm not sure yet since she's a little different now
    Fukua might also just be 'decent' but idk.
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    I'll post some of the lists I've seen here since things get buried quickly on Discord. They're all message links so don't be frightened when Discord opens up.

    Beo (open)

    Band (open)

    Bella (open)

    Double (open)

    Eliza (open)

    Filia (open)

    Fortune (open)

    Fukua (open)

    Painwheel (open)

    Para (open)

    Robo (open)

    Squigly (open)

    Peacock: One floated around in the general gameplay channel but nothing in Peacock's channel.
    Val: I just took the list posted in the OP and grouped it into 4 categories.
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