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Team Popularity Database 3.0 (Automated Edition!)

Discussion in 'Gameplay General' started by Sydoh, May 23, 2016.

  1. Sydoh

    Sydoh Silent Dolphin Administrator

    Canada (East)
    Ms. Fortune
    Because I can't be bothered to update this manually anymore, but still want to have something like this because I think it's cool, here's the new automated Team Popularity Database!

    Just click here to fill out the form.

    At the end of the survey you can edit your response, create a new one, or view the results.
    If you want to edit your response later, make sure you save the link it gives you!

    I would still like people to limit their teams to a max of two (2) unique teams, and have assist names be standardized to the raw input or special move names (with strength of move at the end), so please do that!

    If I have too many similar responses from the same person, only the latest ones will be used.​

    View Results Here
    View detailed results here

    Link to the old data spreadsheet.
    Link to the old 2.0 thread.
    Link to the original thread.
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  2. IsaVulpes

    IsaVulpes Just Throw

    Trinidad && Tobago
    Ms. Fortune
    Don't think this assist stuff works. Everyone names theirs slightly differently, and it's impossible to really read the results anyhow.
    The split of Solo/Duo/Trio characters also looks a bit suboptimal, but meh

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