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    I was thinking of posting it on the campaign thread, but since it was just limited to stuff on the campaign page here it is.
    So here we to stay awhile and share your experience so far? No need to as long as mine.

    Here's mine.

    To better understand my view I suppose an introduction is nice. I am a student aspiring to be a game dev with a part time job. This is my first time contributing to any type of campaign. I grew up playing a lot of SNES games like Chrono Trigger, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, Seiken Densetsu and MMORPGs while most of my friends play LoL and CSgo. I'm generally not a fan of AAA games. I am an average skill player and a quick learner.

    Here is my experience.

    I'd like to start off with saying I appreciate the honesty that Lab Zero provides in their campaign. I did not have any prior experience or knowledge of any other crowdfunding campaigns except that Star Citizen raised millions. I do however have a high standard for I business ethics/morals.

    When the campaign started the first thing I did was read over it slowly. Then played the prototype which I enjoyed thoroughly and I was satisfied. I decided to donate because I want Lab Zero to live, I want this game to have life, I want to experience more dev streams and I want that tapir plushie. When the first incarnation was revealed, I was disappointed like many others because a black and white image of the incarnation was not enough. I wanted an explanation, colours and maybe a video of how she plays. Of course that last part is too much to ask for. So the short explanation and colored image is fair.

    Then the dev streams came. I'm completely new to this almost in every form. The only other dev stream I know of is by the handmade hero. I only glanced at that once though. And the closest I've been with development in other forms is reading about Path of Exile's development manifesto. I didn't watch many of the streams live being busy. I did enjoy watching the lore stream...well to be honest I watched the first 20 minutes of it and listened to the rest on YouTube another time. Switching occasionally to check what Alex was gesturing to. I will definitely tune into more in the future.

    Just like many people, I had low hopes of reaching the goal in the beginning, but around the time the dev streams started I found hope. Hope that it was possible rather than not possible. I started imagining if I was in the same position of a person working on Indivisible. Losing hope at such an early point in the stage would negatively impact doing anything to increase the chances of success. Also personally out of my group of friends I'm the one with the most hope so this was out of character. With the 50k goals( way better than what it was before) and the dev streams, that is how I found hope. Of course it dipped a little when the first week of streams ended because I didn't know if there were going to be more streams or just something else happening to liven things up. And if they can extend the campaign for up to 20 days which is what @infected melon said, then I have no doubts that the goal will be reached.

    Later on in the campaign when all the incarnations are revealed and the goal hasn't been reached yet, I hope to see some other type of reveals besides incarnations.
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    Yeah same
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    I've been around since Lab Zero started with Skullgirls. The way they always show the love they put into their work immediately caught my attention, cause they seemed to be very passionate about the games they create, something it's hard to find nowadays, at least in my opinion. Just take a look at other way more expensive games, yet the makers manage to give us crappy, glitchy games. Lab Zero is different, they not only show they care about their work, they also care about their fans and keep working on their games, and Skullgirls is a great example.

    I admit, I've felt hopeless many times during this particular campaign, because I don't only care about Indivisible, I also care about all the talented people working at Lab Zero. I mean, Mike Z postponed his honeymoon to keep working on Skullgirls; some people might think he's insane, and maybe he is, but hey, that's the kind of insane people should admire (and I hope his wife feels proud of him). Right now, the campaign is looking better than when it started, and the goal doesn't seem as far as I thought, but I'd love Lab Zero to extend the campaign, at least for another 10 days, but hey, other campaigns have reached their goals at the very last minute, so one can only hope. Oh, and of course, we gotta keep spreading the word.

    People should not pity Lab Zero after hearing the "They might disappear if they don't succeed at funding Indivisible" news; the should be amazed, because not a lot of people in the industry have the balls to take such a high risk (gamers are a complicated bunch; they always say they want new things but they always stick to classic formulas even when they keep saying they hate it, and don't make me get started on the SJW gamers, who are more worried about things like skin color, ethnicity, body type, etc.), and they certainly deserve to finally get rid of the "bad luck curse" that plagues them since the Konami fiasco. I do hope they reach their goal, or at least extend the campaign just a couple of days.
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    I saw Phoebe in the trailer and thought HOT DAMN! so I backed the project. I'm satisfied
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