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Discussion in 'General Character Discussion' started by Cattfish, Oct 15, 2016.

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    This is a thread to discuss future possible teams that feature characters released in conjunction with unreleased characters. Post up your dream teams and let everyone know why you'd like them (speculated game play, favorite character, lore synergy, etc)!

    To start, I think there are couple interesting duo teams. Black Dahlia/Beatrix would potentially be a dangerous, ambiguous mixup-based team. A defensive character would probably synergize well to help give either character time to regain red health (Especially Beatrix inflicts damage on herself for any of her special moves). H LnL or Cerecopter as a good lock down.

    Stanley/Big Band would be a hard hitting, scrappy team. H Brass could help out Stanley in the same way that Beowulf benefits from it. If Stanley uses a couple gadgets in his movepool, a good projectile assist or two would help Big Band's neutral game similar to H Beam or Shot. Assuming Stanley has high damage laser super, SSJ > Beam would do solid damage vs 2v3.

    Molly/Big Band could also feasibly work, if she lacks a big hitbox without mech super. (See: Squigly/Band). Damage/Health buffing Band would be an unbelievable team although balancing out Molly's amazing speculated skillset would probably mean small damage for her. H Brass assist anyways.

    I also just really love Ottomo and Molly so Robo/Ottomo/Molly would probably be my low-damage long range team.

    (Thread idea cleared by @Smile before posting.)
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    I usually stick to solos but if I had to run one team I would pick Adam/Scythana.

    Assuming that the Egrets that accompany Adam would leave behind a body that would serve to give Scythana ample ammunition should things not go my way. I believe that Adam would have projectiles and Scythana has reach so both characters aren't hurting for a ranged attack.
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    Parasoul,Umbrella, and Annie. Love them all!!! They're cute AF! They seem to be a good team in my mind when i think what they could do together. I want to seen interactions between Parasoul and Annie, they would be fun to watch I assume. Same with Parasoul and Umbrella.

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