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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Beowolf Fanboy, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. chillbean

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    What about Ashe's design don't you like specifically? Or what about her concepts do you think is stronger? Just curious since I think the concepts they shown of for her are pretty bland and samey. But I remember feeling the same way as you when they showed of Moira's concepts, including one with Doc Ock-ish tentacles. I love Moira but her default look is such a mess.

    (also scoliosis is a sideways deviation of the spine, you're looking for lumbar lordosis ;P)

    Kind of wish Blizzcon had kept up the tradition of revealing Talon associated heroes, waiting for Maximilian as a support or Sanjay in a remotely controlled hard-light power suit as a tank. But Ashe and BOB are cool enough, and the cinematic actually moved the story forward even if only a little, unlike the D.Va one.
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    Pretty sure we're getting the Robot (allegedly, her name is Echo) in March.
    If not then, then as our Summer hero.
  3. Dr.Sanity

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    Well mostly her model looks like a copy/pasted widowmaker, like she literally looks like she was supposed to be a generic cowgirl skin for widowmaker before they decided to make her a character. Also Moira, Brigitte, and Ashe make three conventionally attractive white women for women. After boasting about their diversity Overwatch seems particularly garbage at it half the time.

    I also just like the big hat and cloak red and design a lot, mix it with the darker skinned concept and I think that would have had a much stronger silhouette and more striking design. At the moment Ashe just looks like a background character at best.
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    Geoff said that Echo isn't coming any time soon.

    He said maybe we'll get her after six other heroes get made.
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    Ashe is freaking fun. I'm usually not into precise chars but she's amazingly fun for me ^_^

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