Spotlight The Skullgirls Universe Expands Onto Mobile Devices

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By Fizzxwizz on Jul 2, 2016 at 9:53 PM
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    Later this year, Hidden Variable Studios will be releasing a Skullgirls game on Android and iOs supported devices. While the game will not be a Fighting game like the Skullgirls you know and love, it will instead feature RPG elements in its progression system and contain elements of teambuilding and deckbuilding. One might not expect the game to be able to match the speed and intensity that one would find in Skullgirls, however Hidden Variable has gone to great lengths to make sure that the game will be lively enough to keep the attention of fighting game fans as well as those that enjoy the Skullgirls universe and want an accessible mobile game. Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow has stated that he is looking forward to fans of Skullgirls checking the game out.

    While Lab Zero is working with Hidden Variable to make this game, it is not being made by Lab Zero so don't expect it to share any similarities to Indivisible. One last interesting bit of information is that on release the game will be set as a prequel to the events of Skullgirls, however it will continue to explore other parts of the setting in the future as the game expands.

    In addition, if you're interested in the game, Hidden Variable will be accepting fans into a Closed Beta starting today so people can get a chance to play and offer feedback.
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Discussion in 'News Section' started by Fizzxwizz, Jul 2, 2016.

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      I doubt Annie being in Indivisible has any influence towards her chances at an SG Mobile appearance. Animating characters in Indivisible is just about as different than SG Mobile as animating for SG Mobile is to animating for Skullgirls. They already have the VA since before Indivisble too: Annie's in Beowulf's story mode after all.

      If anything I'd say characters that were originally planned for Skullgirls have the highest chances right now, so Umbrella and Marie most likely. Since Marie's not confirmed as a returning boss you never know.
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      If you want it ask.
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      Can't wait, omg why am I just now hearing of this madness?

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