The Trinity : Gods or Parasites?

Discussion in 'Lore / SG Canon' started by Myzo, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Myzo

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    Hi! I've lurked the forums a while but only made an account recently.

    I've seen it mentioned on some of the older threads that Aeon and Venus aren't Gods, but powerful parasites. Is this canon or speculation?

    I thought they HAD parasites but weren't the parasite themselves.

    Also, I think that the versions that Eliza killed may have been "shadows" of Venus and Aeon, like how Double its supposed to be a "shadow" of Lamia.

    Anyway, does anyone have ideas about the Trinity, what they are, what their aim is?
  2. Coco

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    Robo Fortune
    Goddess for sure because they have parasites of their own. After playing Eliza's story I think maybe they made to Skullheart to get rid of her.

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