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Discussion in 'Indivisible' started by Shan, May 20, 2017.

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    I'm kinda confused about what VAs changed now, especially since Ajna still has lines from the prototype.

    My favorite new voice is probably Dhar, G&H is alright (They definitely got the right vocal age), and as much as I like Qadira, she's not really nailing the whole"pretending to be a dude" thing. I'm thinking this might be lampshaded in the full game by her not having to pretend anymore due to having holed up in Ajna mind, virtually safe from persecution. I also noticed she has a small lisp in a few lines, but to me little discrepancies like that only serve to make the voices sound more real and believable.

    Razmi is my favorite new-old voice, the new actor really nails the whole 'actually bored' vibe compared to Christina's 'trying really hard to sound bored' one. Not to discredit The Big V or anything, she just wasn't a great fit for the role, and some of her battle lines let some Noel/her 'normal' voice slip through (namely "Go Bom!") which totally rekt my suspension of disbelief. My only complaint with her new voice is that she can be a bit hard to hear.

    Zebei sounds almost exactly the same, to the point where i'm not sure if they changed voice actors. His voice is still great, no complaints, I just hope that his "bLOCk'D" voiceline stays because God it's freaking perfect. I'm suspending judgement on Tungar mainly because I've kinda played through the preview back-to-back four times and i still can't find him ._.
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    You know at the start after you get Dhar where you drop down but can't get back up without the axe, then if you drop down further on the left side you can either go right, or you can slide under the left side? Tungar's in the cave on the left, except it's blocked by vines so you have to get the axe and go back there. Hell on my second run I forgot that's where he was and thought he was where Zebei was.

    Anyway, my opinion of Tungar's new voice is that it's good. That's about all. I liked the prototype one, I like this one, Tungar still gets sidelined by me in this build.

    Ginseng is Morgana from Persona 5. Straight up.

    Qadira's definitely going to disguise her voice, but she sounds slightly less sultry than Naoto's regular voice in P4 who, as I mentioned, never fooled me with her intentionally-deeper voice either. So I'll just wish Pia good luck.

    I don't really know if Razmi needed to sound more bored? Like, she's not an all-powerful entity... though she's the most powerful character so far so what do I know.

    Zebei's old voice was Matt Mercer. His new voice is Matt Mercer, but deeper.
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