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    Hello, My name is Donseanelly and i was hoping I could get some insight on something I have been struggling with. I'm fairly new to fighting games and I'm very new to Skullgirls. Btw I hope this isn't a repeat thread as I couldn't find a similar thread. So I have decided to choose Filia as a starting point and I'm currently Learning a bnb I picked up from Filia's character thread.
    The bnb is as follows: C.lk S.mk Shp
    J.hp ADC J.lk J.hk
    OTG C.lk S.hp
    J.lp, J.mk(1), xX H airball ADC J.Mp(4) J.HK
    C.lp C.mk C.hp xx H Hairball xx fenrir drive
    I'm still learning the bnb and I was wondering this: What's the point of each attack? What is the thought behind each attack? I want to start making my own combos and maybe even improvise in the middle of the match. why should i use this bnb instead of another one?

    Link to the link to the guide <http://skullgirls.com/forums/index.php?threads/filia-character-guide.6468/>
    Hopefully I'm not sounding too dumb here. I appreciate your insights!
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    When building combos you generally want to have as many heavy, single hit attacks at the start as possible and as few light or multi-hit moves as you can (after the standard ground chain). These light/multi-hit attacks scale your combo quickly, losing you potential damage. That is why there are a bunch of heavy attacks near the start of that combo with the occasional light attack for linking between them. At max scaling (usually near the end of the combo) you can do more multi-hit and light attacks since scaling isn't a problem.

    In SG, due to the undizzy system, if you want to build a combo you need to make sure that your undizzy before the final chain isn't 240 or above. If you know the undizzy values of each type of attack you can calculate how much undizzy you will build up by the end.
    Heavies - 30
    Mediums/Specials/Assists - 20
    Lights - 15
    Supers/Snaps - 0

    Generally when making a new combo I'll take existing chains that I know work and try to fit them together like a jigsaw and then mess with the buttons used in order to make it fit the undizzy (again remembering to try to fit a bunch of heavies in at the start). You also can't start a new chain past undizzy stage 3 with a button you already used (e.g. you can't do cr.LK...LK as that will trigger a burst).

    When you become familiar with your character's combo routes you will learn to improvise combos using existing chains mid match (which is useful for if you just did a reset and their undizzy bar is half full for instance).
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    It's been a while since I played Fillia, but outside combos:

    c.lk is a decent low poke

    c.lp doesn't hit low but has better frame advantage

    s.mp is kinda frame advantageous. I sometimes end block strings with it if I'm doing some sort of pressure string and too far for a light.

    s.hp has a huge red hitbox last time I played. Good anti air if you preemptively read something, or can even stuff other pokes. I sometimes like to pull a marvel and dash under people with it for a cross under on jumpers.

    Slide is a decent unsafe gimmick to throw out once in a while along with scorpion tale to keep them guessing

    j.lp is a good air to air due to fast start up and hitbox. Not so good at air to ground.

    j.lk is fastest start up but weak hitbox. For overheads IIRC.

    j.hp has a huge hitbox but (comparatively) slow start up. Good for air to ground or air to air pokes. Can lose to quick start up things at close range.

    j.hk for cross ups and also to change aerial momentum and vary your movement a bit (see also: hairballs)

    j.mk varies your high/low timing on blocks.

    j.mp multihits and has fast start up and decent range. Kind of a go between between a j.lp and a j.hp for pressuring from the air. Multihits also mean you can fuck up pushblock attempts with it I think.

    Anybody correct me if wrong.
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    Thank you both for your replies! It's a lot to understand but i will try my best. This game can feel a little discouraging for newcomers so I appreciate the time you took to answer my question.

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