What got you into skullgirls, and why are you staying?

Discussion in 'Beginner Forum' started by clawmaster, Jan 29, 2015.

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    Dude, this thread is old. ...I guess there's no rule about thread necromancy?

    The story of how I got into Skullgirls is full of procrastination. Suffice to say I first found it when the only thing I thought of at the words "fighting game" was Street Fighter, and seeing more than two characters on-screen in the trailer was extremely confusing. I didn't actually buy it for years.

    In the last six months my knowledge of fighting games has expanded at an incredibly rapid pace. But Skullgirls is mine. The designs, the writing... *sigh* there are still a couple things I'd change, but they'd all be small (aside from TRUE TIMELINE PLZ), which is more than I can say of Guilty Gear, a franchise I still like a lot of the designs for (*glares at KoF*). The overall art style is fantabulous, and the music too. Of course, the gameplay is what keeps me here. PP dashes and all-powerful air blocks pls. LPLK grabs instead of option selects. No unnecessary half-circles when quarter-circle will do (I actually think GG's hcb-f super input is fantastic, though). No double-qcf supers! NO KOF SUPERS, NO TIGER KNEES!

    Oh yeah I guess I don't really like how Double is written, but since she's supposed to be like a scourge inflicted on the world, I can give her a pass for being one-dimensional. I'm just sad she's the only traditional anchor whose gameplay I like, and I won't play characters I don't like in personality.
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