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    I remember that I contributed to (one of?) the crowdfunding campaign(s?) back when that happened. I watched as the funding goal I was chipping in for was reached, and was happy to get an included copy of the game whenever it was going to come out.

    The weird thing is, I'm having a hard time finding exactly which campaign I contributed to. I know I threw money at the game before it hit the $725k point and Mane6 got access to the engine, but I can't start to look for my name in the credits without knowing what I wrote it as.

    I've found fundraiser pages on Kickstarter as well as Indiegogo. The Kickstarter page appears to have been suspended by the site itself, but still has pretty much the same material and images on it.

    Was it possible to contribute to the funding through one of these websites without registering an account? If so, then I guess it's what eventually persuaded me to make an account on both of those sites and support a small handful of other projects over the next few years.

    I tried looking at my online banking account, but I can only find credit card records going back about six months. I'm not sure what would show up as the payee, so that might not necessarily be helpful.

    If those leads don't turn anything up, is there a text document somewhere with a list of all the fifteen-thousand-plus(!) backers that I can ctrl-f through to check for the names or pseudonyms I think I might have used?
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    I can't answer your questions personally, but I moved the thread to a more appropriate subforum.

    Also @render , I guess.

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