PC Xbox 360 Pad + Keyboard Select Button Mapping Issue

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    This might just be an issue on my end and nothing to worry about, but I figured I should post it just in case anyone else has experienced this issue. The select button my my stick does not work anymore so when I bind controls on the PC I bind the select button to "space" on my keyboard. I haven't been playing much recently and especially haven't been in training, but the other day I noticed something odd in training. Whenever I tried to do an "up" input on my stick the game would recognize the "up" input but would also do a "select" input. I checked inside of my stick to make sure none of the wires were touching each other in ways that they shouldn't and ruled that out. When messing around even more I found out that this issue was only happening when my stick was in Xbox 360 mode, and not when it was just in normal PS360+ mode. I have a 360 pad so I tested the same thing out and bound all of the buttons to the pad except but select which I bound to my keyboard and the same issue happened.

    I asked another player with a 360 pad to test this out and he said nothing odd was happening on his end, so if no one else can reproduce it then it's probably nothing to worry about. Since I'm not sure how clear my explanation was I included a video:

    At the beginning I start with my 360 already plugged in. The next bit is with my stick in 2 different modes. Something else odd that I noticed is that when I scroll through the menus I can use the "up" input and it won't act as a "select" input and put me back a screen, but when I'm in the lab it loads a state/plays the dummy recording. Something I forgot to capture in the video is that on the character select screen inputting "up" will act as "select" as well.

    Some additional info that might be relevant:
    My stick PCB is an Akishop PS360+
    My pad is a normal wired Xbox 360 pad
    I'm running the game on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
    I only tested this out on front panel USB ports and the USB ports on my keyboard

    Hopefully this made sense. If there's any more information that I need to provide please let me know and I'll happily do so.

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