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I am a busy college student, avid daydreamer, modder and player of Doom/Doom II, and a proud and devout Catholic Christian. Of course I draw. XD

As of August 2015, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Level 1.

No, of course it's not a bad thing! Think of it as... well... being able to think about things in a different light.

Let me explain...

Some connections that may be obvious to some aren't to me. Conversely, some connections that may come easily to me might not come so easily to others. Therefore, many times I may word things weirdly, sometimes to the point of saying something that has a connotation opposite of what I may want to say. As a result, I tend to be misunderstood many times.

Speaking of seeing things in a different light... I absolutely LOVE to do just that! I love to re-imagine and see things re-imagined. I embrace it! This is why I love reboots such as the new Star Trek movies and the Loonatics Unleashed cartoon, why I favor fictions about alternate realities, why I created parallel alternate dimensions to the canon dimensions of Bakugan and Skullgirls, and why I like to draw other people's characters in a different fashion. I just love to look at stuff differently.
Plahnit Urff
Benedict Q. Cumberbatch
Ms. Fortune Robo Fortune Cerebella
Daydreamer, Artist, Doomer


Avidly Anonymous Suggester. Hardcore Catholic Gamer. Problem? PM me.

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