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    Painwheel Armor burst resets

    I like to trigger burst with jump forward jLP or jLK, tanking it with j[HP] and then going for left/right:
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    Feature Suggestion's

    Launch option to either force to 2D or to stop the train on the Meridian Area Rapid Transit stage. That's my favorite stage, and I love how it currently works; that option idea is not for me, but some people complained that I always pick this stage cause they don't feel good playing on this...
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    Valentine Tech Thread

    Dropping my Combosuki Lvl 1 Vial Load Midscreen List.
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    Umbrella hitbox interaction inconsistencies

    Yeah, it is currently universal:
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    Is it possible for me to make colours for umbrella and upload them??

    There is a thread for that, and there is a post there with a website that lets you make palettes.
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    The Unoptimize Skullgirls Combo Challenge Thread

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    Umbrella Palette Ideas (for Fun)

    I tried to make a Venom + Carnage one, but I'm not sure if I like it
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    Falta de movimientos

    That was her old M Shadow, it was removed and replaced with the current hit grab one.
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    What do you think about solos?

    Solo AC would be interesting
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    Cerebella General

    I miss beta buffer... please bring it back.
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    What do you think about solos?

    Me, as someone who really dislikes Solos and Duos, I just think they are boring...
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    Esse é o fórum do Skullgirls 2nd Encore pra PC/Console, o fórum do mobile é esse aqui: https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/ Pode também visitar o maincord: https://discord.gg/skullgirls que tem uma seção do Skullgirls Mobile E também o server Brasileiro de...
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    Valentine special priority

    I don't wanna flood beta discussion with more Val priority stuff, so I'm creating this thread to know what Val players think about it. Please lets discuss so we can make it better for everyone? somehow :PUN: As I said here, I do think Grounded priority should be K>P, and saying "it is easy to...
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    Quality of Life Changes Suggestion Thread

    I'm not gonna ask again for something half the Valentine players would want, but half would hate. I'm talking about her special moves priorities, that currently is K>P when airborne and P>K when grounded. Just wanna sum up my opinion on it before giving the idea I have to try and make everyone...