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    this is a hi thread say hi or say goodbye
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    Forum Feedback

    The gamer media display on the profiles looks weird. It appears like the text is duplicated in some way. Here is an example from Chrono_Tata, being that they're above me so it's convenient.
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    Parry OS thread

    Learn those frickin parry option selects! Video: This is just a copypaste of what I wrote in the wiki. There are more OS's of course. Feel free to discuss more or talk about situations where they shine. Low/Throw OS Input 2 ~ 5LP+LK (down, return to neutral, delay throw) This will beat...
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    hi epic beo moment
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    Skullgirls Tour Season 2

    I made another discord for those ceotaku shenanigans, specfically for SG. https://discord.gg/Wxa85cq
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    General Bug Report Thread

    PC Sometimes when I go into the lobby play menu and then exit, the menu is still visible. This can fix itself by going into character select or just restarting, but this has been happening a lot for me.
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    General Bug Report Thread

    PC In character select (appears in quick match, lobby, and all offline modes), I found that if you macro a team the character emblems on the button sometimes won't show up, instead being questions marks. It also appears that when you swap between different size teams via a macro as well, there...
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    General Bug Report Thread

    Maybe it's a ghosting issue with the keyboard?
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    Is there any point to Beowulf's "EX Clinch UP" besides style?

    You're gonna want to use Beowulf's EX moves to convert things into super as well as optimize combos. The enemy enters a sweep state after they exit Beowulf's grab for a second time; however, using EX Grendel Killa (it saves your OTG too) allows you to bypass that and continue the combo (if...
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    valentine is among the worst characters in the game

    Smh if you don't play Val with hornet bomber. It solves the reversal problem as well as letting you get vials mid-combo.
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    Beginner Resources Thread

    @Meow-Professor The only Beowulf guide in existence: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=707749604
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    USA SOMF: Skullgirls Official Meetups in Florida

    Anyone want to get some fiu miami boys thing going on within a week or two? Dark and I keep going "oh yeah sg" but then he keeps duckin' (mostly because of parking issues and how it would cost money and how he probably spent all said money already on fighting zika and playing tekken 7). It would...
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    USA SOMF: Skullgirls Official Meetups in Florida

    This Saturday (5/20) DarkKV and I are going to be having an SG local at Graham Center at FIU at around noon. You Miami boys might wanna come.