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    How to get a better understanding of Skullgirls? (or fighting games in general).

    A move can be bad at something but also good at something for example let's say you want good punish buttons: Example: You want to punish move X, it's -10 on block but it moves your character back so there's a distance between both characters on block Move A is 6f of start up but very stubby...
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    Steam - Windows -log steam launch option seemingly causes game to crash.

    Hopefully this helps I'm not entirely sure this is the correct file? but I did go to Steam\steamapps\common\Skullgirls\crash-dumps so hopefully that's correct. EDIT: I put the wrong one in so if you got that one it's not right, this one is dated for yesterday. Here.
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    Steam - Windows -log steam launch option seemingly causes game to crash.

    I recently added -log to my steam launch options in the hopes of being able to send logs (not sure if these are useful anymore?) and when I select 'quick match' the game crashes upon the initial search. Removing the launch options seems to fix it. I'll see the text of it "looking for a room"...
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    If you know you know... unfortunately...

    If you know you know... unfortunately...
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    QM DC bug

    At least in my experience this happens when my opponent leaves the css after accepting the match and then whatever their name was turns into "Player 2" and the characters I selected go to that side just like in the picture and I can't select my characters anymore so I have to close the game.
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    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    Thinking on it more it does kind of stink that PW's air super has hitstop so it's supposed to be used for reversal purposes but the hitbox is so small that it basically is a super with no hitstop in most cases. The idea was probably to limit it a bit because it's an air super with hitstop but I...
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    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    Yeah I agree her supers are pretty small, esp deathcrawl, that one makes me sad
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    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    I'd prefer the finite number just be dropped as I can't think of an immediate reason it should exist specifically in neutral, I understand the limitation on combos but in neutral I think it's fair simply because you actively exhaust your combo options just to try to get around and avoid things...
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    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    Having more than 2 flights per jump would actually help out a lot in the Robo match up, it wouldn't make her lamer, it would help her actually approach against some characters imo. Because unflying stuff is cool but then you have one fly left and if you use it and unfly but then you have no more...
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    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    FWIW I don't think she's one of the weakest characters in the game, if she actually worked most of the time like every other character she'd be pretty up there which is the qol I wish she'd get, often times when you do land hits you can be wrong for being right and that overall sucks more than...
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    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    If Painwheel were to get a 7f normal I'd prefer it be a button without armor I'd even shrink 5LK if I have to, I personally like having armor on my pitifully tiny buttons, I'd be very sad if my omega stubby 5LP or 2LP had lost its positives. 5LK is already combo fodder, if it was just faster...
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    How Do I Get Better At This Game?

    Usually your best bet to find people that are also new is through discord servers like the official one or the get gr8 discord (I have links to neither, sorry.) If you want to learn more about the game I suggest checking out the wiki it's a great resource for learning stuff that the game doesn't...
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    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    Honestly the only parts of Annie H DP I think are ridiculous are: -The screen carry (really easy happy birthdays for some characters) [Beat Extend can give these {HBDs} as well in a different way] -The blockstun (I'm not sure if it's higher than most DPs but it **feels** like there's more...
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    Black Dahlia Pre-alpha Gameplay Analysis & Speculation

    At least according to the steam page that further describes her it looks like she'll be having more than one movement special and because she has a slow projectile I'm partly expecting her to have a teleport similar to meta knight's, part of me wants her to have the fast fall special move that...
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    The "Let's over-analyse social media updates" thread

    I was hoping for Justice nukes and I got them, I can't tell if they are able to be set off independently or not, I'd reckon not but either way I'm super interested and can't wait to see her other movement options I'm really hoping she's more of an evasive runaway type character.