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  1. Mfinite

    How would Ajna of Indivisible fit into the Story of Skullgirls lore and universe?

    @Holy Goose said "We can always say it was the result of Aeon's interference. She probably can mess with different timelines." So she gets Aeon's timeline power? Does she get Aeon's parasite Khronos or get her own some how? Maybe when her parasite bites her she turns into Heruka? Does she not...
  2. Mfinite

    // POLL: ADD Ajna as Skullgirls // * 5th DLC Character *

    ///////// ADD Ajna as Skullgirls * 5th DLC Character * //////////// IF SKULLGIRLS CAN BE REVIVIED, SO CAN AJNA! POLL HERE: *NEW LINK* AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE https://skullheart.com/threads/poll-add-ajna-as-skullgirls-5th-dlc-character.11628/ The last poll I had for adding Ajna as a 5th...
  3. Mfinite

    DEVS: Skullgirls Gameplay/Setting/Updates?

    * TRIALS * ADD Change Display - Display Move Names or Display Commands - Currently it only displays the move name. - It's nice not having to go back and forth to the menu when learning the moves and to have the option to display the commands while performing them. ADD Word instead of...
  4. Mfinite

    PS4 USA and JAPAN Region Beta Tester

    I have this for PS4 on both regions. I’m open for beta testing Annie and the newcomers on both PS4 regions. Thanks, Mfinite