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  1. Sairus

    OFFICIAL: PS4 3.2.2 Update Notes

    Hey everyone! It's patch notes time! A general bugfix and improvement update is now available for PS4 (in Europe and America). AUDIO Fixed an issue where some UI sound effects would ignore your volume settings. Fixed an issue where some UI sound effects were playing in mono audio instead of...
  2. Sairus

    OFFICIAL: Annie Release Update Notes

    Hello, It's been a long journey, but after months of testing and tuning, the official release of Annie of the Stars is finally here! And as much as Annie loves the spotlight, this update also comes with a mountain of gameplay and balance adjustments for the rest of the cast. If you've been...
  3. Sairus

    Administrative Welcome back to Skullheart!

    It's wild seeing so many names/avatars I haven't seen in literal years.
  4. Sairus

    What input device do you use?

    I still use my Foehammer from the Keep Skullgirls Growing Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign! I've since swapped out the cable and buttons though. Mine has a detatchable stick too! Twinsies.
  5. Sairus

    Who do you think DLC characters 3 and 4 will be?

    You may not have heard this, but Annie and Umbrella are joining the playable cast! Shocking I know! There's also two more characters in the Season 1 Pass. Who do you think they'll be? Who do you want them to be?
  6. Sairus

    Forum Feedback

    Fixed! Working on it! Fixed!
  7. Sairus

    Administrative Welcome back to Skullheart!

    The Skullheart Forums have been going for a loooong time, and with all the big stuff happening with Skullgirls recently, we figured it was high time Skullheart got a bit of an upgrade! Welcome to the official relaunch of Skullheart with fancy new visuals and vastly upgraded forum software...
  8. Sairus

    Moderator Applications

    As part of the relaunch of SkullHeart, we're looking for some new mods to round out the mod team. If any of the below applies to you or interests you, you can apply to be a mod by sending me ( @Sairus ) a Direct Message. Please make sure to include the following in your application: Main...
  9. Sairus

    READ ME: Forum Rules

    Skullgirls is a game intended for everyone to play. The following rules should go without saying, but read them carefully. We’re cultivating a community of positive, constructive dialogue. Fun, not drama. Common Sense (Global Rules) Let’s get the serious stuff out of the way. We have a ZERO...
  10. Sairus

    Tournaments & Matchmaking Rules

    Tournaments and Matchmaking Rules 1. Rules for posting a Weekly or Bi-Weekly Event thread (less than 1-month recurring) 1a. Cannot be set as an "Event" under the event tab as this will clutter the block with too many entries. 1b. Must have only 1 thread per event as constantly remaking an...