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  1. LazyBakemono

    LazyDiablos Birthday/pre NWM Kumite

    Hey its that Fortune/Eliza that everyone hates playing against. Most of of you know me by LazyDiablos. Since Northwest Majors and my birthday coming up soon I finally have a good excuse to do one of these. I'll be doing 10 FT5 sets. I'm in New York so if you don't have a good connection with me...
  2. LazyBakemono

    PSA about Feral Edge confirms

    Whenever you land feral edge whether it be off of airthrow or off of a mashed reversal or whatever you can use jab or dash jab to confirm instead of sneeze in most situations. whether or not you can confirm easily depends on how close you are when feral edge hits and the character. at the...
  3. LazyBakemono

    Beowulf hurtbox teleportation

    I don't know if this is known but Beowulf's hurtboxes seem to skip a frame or two when he's about to hit the ground after being hit with a move like savage bypass
  4. LazyBakemono

    Training Diary Thing

    So my neutral game is awful even though i sometimes can tell what moves are coming from the opponent My body can't react or i don't know what move i could've done. Sometimes when when i can't counter a move or someone plays too aggressively I start to freak out and try to up-back to safety cause...
  5. LazyBakemono

    After Getting Kicked From a Lobby Have to Restart Game

    Every time I get kicked from a lobby there is this weird bug that doesnt allow me to play any game mode I apologize for the cutoff. The recording software i use cuts off a part of the screen for reasons i don't understand
  6. LazyBakemono

    Awful at Pressure

    My general strategy is to capitalize on someone's mistake when they are pressuring me but when it's my turn to go on the attack all i can do is jump in. do some terrible mix up that works 20% of the time and an then get push blocked. Is there any way i can improve my pressure.