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  1. Icerres

    This is going to sound really dumb, but can i get a link to the old Beowulf guides and combos (for xbox, prepunch 2016)

    I can not find any resources and it is very difficult to play who I want, because no one cares about my console. It feels as if the discord doesn't want me to ask (because its too much work.) I want to play the game too, and id think that every player would want as many noobs to play as...
  2. Icerres

    Can i get help comboing Mshot into snipe? please?

    Im on Xbox and pad, I don't know if It has to do with the buttons I'm pressing (mp and hp) or something else?
  3. Icerres

    Xbox Xbox Matchmaking

    Hello, You can find me for matches @Icerres on xbox (also look for Clubs to find other matches.) The more people who play on Xbox the sooner the update comes out! (hopefully)