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  1. Brawlitup99

    The Skullgirls Timeline Thread

    I did a similar post on the Mobile forums, but not everyone visits those, which I mean. Fair. Below is a comprehensive, updating doc containing everything we know about the Skullgirls timeline, including various bits and pieces of information about the world that the story takes place in. If...
  2. Brawlitup99

    Big Band Trumpet Song Thread - Revival!

    PREVIOUS THREAD: https://skullheart.com/threads/the-big-band-mp-song-thread.989/ Rebooting the thread that Kstep made years back. Post your song notations (or videos of songs!) below so others can play them! Transcription of the note to buttons is as follows: C - HP C#/Db - LP+MP+HP D -...