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  1. fenster

    Tips for Converting off of jHP?

    This has always been something that bugged me, and I never saw any tips about it, so I'm hoping some of the experienced PW players can help out about this. jHP is a really good button, but often hard to convert off of. A lot of times, it seems to be dependent on distance/height. Does anyone have...
  2. fenster

    Team Order Switch on Win?

    This is probably a minor thing, but I was curious about the general Tournament rules regarding switching Team orders. It happened during the Grand Finals of the last Maxout in Missouri where when the loser of a round switched Team Order + Assists, the winner kept the same team composition but...
  3. fenster

    USA Indiana Thread (new)

    Making a new thread for this area since a lot has changed for the area and the old topic creator left a while ago so I figured this would be okay. This Thread is for general Indiana players to know what's what and who's where and to keep things updated if anyone wanted to stop by. In terms of...
  4. fenster

    Japanese Online Tournament VODs - 3/28/2015

    EDIT: Turns out they asked me to not share it publicly. If anyone is curious about the VODS, please PM me. There was a Japanese Tournament Stream for Skullgirls on March 28th 2015 streamed on Nico. Since archiving the footage isn't common with these kinds of streams, I tried to record the...
  5. fenster

    Air Super Reversal Recording Bug?

    With Big Band Timpani Drive and Fukua Air Fireball super, if you record a training dummy to use these moves they don't seem to do them after the first time performing them. Not specific to using the "As Reversal" option though its easier to see it that way. At first I thought it was my sloppy...
  6. fenster

    [Nov 15, 2014] Naptown Clutch 4 (Indianapolis, Indiana)

    Facebook page with more info Venue fee = $15 Tournaments: All Double Elim ULTRA STREET FIGHTER 4 AE 2012 (singles) = $15 ULTIMATE MARVEL vs. CAPCOM 3 (singles) = $15 INJUSTICE - GODS AMONG US (singles) = $15 MORTAL KOMBAT 9 (singles) = $10 KILLER INSTINCT (singles) = $10 TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT...
  7. fenster

    Feral Edge losing to Sniper Shot and crumples?

    @Mike_Z So this is a weird thing that happened: just as the video will show I did sniper and fortune reacted with feral edge, and feral lost, but then something weird happened. Normally characters fly off after getting hit with Sniper shot in mid air, but this time it crumpled? I can't seem to...
  8. fenster

    Fenster's training thread

    [Last Edit: 9/3/2015 Filia notes] I'm going to write a bunch of stuff here in hopes that I actually go into training mode and practice stuff one day. ----------------------------------------------- Parasoul Current goals: -Learn to mixup dash sLP bHK with sLP fMP, maybe sLP cMK but not sure...
  9. fenster

    Poll: What is the worst Mirror Match in the Game?

    It's a phrase I see all the time, but the answers are wildly different. Who do YOU think is the worst mirror to play and/or watch in the game?