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  1. Nuuance

    Rivals: The Penultimate Resource

    There's gonna be a lot more people coming to SG in the coming year or so & can only imagine the bursts after big dlc so I wanted to create a new segment touching on things to keep in mind time to time. Soon I'll make small scripted/edited videos as something a bit more entertaining & bingeable...
  2. Nuuance

    New System Mechanics You'd Like to Try

    Thinking earlier today, i miss the team combination attacks between partners & lore-involved characters thematically! Right now i cant think of any other mechanics that might be a nice addition, but been going back & forth about how the game could have some choreographed team attack supers or...
  3. Nuuance

    A Case For Single Player

    It’s no secret fighting games aren’t the most friendly towards single player content, nor has it ever really been a focus or major point of contention — until now. certain aspects of fighting games (or any game for that matter) will always be challenging or take straight up time to master…that...
  4. Nuuance

    (Updated Oct17) We Will Return! Running Squigly Wishlist Thread

    Welcome back any & everyone. It's been such a long time, but Skullgirls & all of you are still here. Couldn't be happier. I'm excited because for once, the process to voice what new things you'd like is starting to open up. I want to hear what you all have to say primarily as Squigly Mains. To...
  5. Nuuance

    Fight & Chill: Rolling Playlist

    So some of my recent favorite songs came from combo videos wouldnt you know. Overall wanted to make a thread sharing what people listen to while playing or streaming for an audience or zone out to. I found this today; listen to other genres too & will post more a bit later after seeing some...
  6. Nuuance

    where are replays located on mac??

    documents/skullgirls/replays doesnt seem to exist. want to look at replays to study and improve, also use for clips on incoming videos. thanks!
  7. Nuuance

    New GGPO update is glitchy & laggy...just me...?

    since the "update" it's been significantly worse, and just wondering if it's just me...
  8. Nuuance

    Wish List? Making updated 2020 squigly Video guide

    Been wanting to for a while but since the game has settled & we know there won’t be more changes, I wanted to put EVERYTHING I know about squigs along w/all vital info collected in these forums. Its so amazing seeing squish’s in tournies cuz she’s such a perfect team player! I’m just tired of...
  9. Nuuance

    cant play indivisible... :/

    installs like a 5mg file :/ bunch of others having the same issue.
  10. Nuuance

    Sony just announced Crossplay. SG gonna come to switch & have Xplay?

    waiting to buy one soon as the joycon drift thing gets sorted out, but playing on Switch ite would literally frickin be amazing. people really are underestimating how much of a powerhouse this things gonna be (imo)
  11. Nuuance

    PC Beta Can't play beta on mac! :(

    on the late 2013, 3.2 ghz, i5, 16 gig memory, geforce gt 755m mac & trying to play the beta but it starts and closes....any ideas? the normal game is working.
  12. Nuuance

    Can we have reset positions (select) in trials?

    also demonstration would be nice too :) but select most important
  13. Nuuance

    FINALLY: [steam] Guilty Gear Xrd, BBCP:EX, & more ArcSys

    $25 the first week & $30 regular price ;) http://shoryuken.com/2015/12/08/grab-guilty-gear-xrd-sign-on-pc-for-less-than-25-during-launch-week/ Guilty Gear Xrd releases on the 9th (tomorrow) & blazblue chrono phantasma: extend releases February. Under-night in birth or whatever it's called...
  14. Nuuance

    Official Backing Funding Still possible after "deadline??"

    Just curious...unfortunately a bunch of file hosting services raided my debit card and im stuck asking for refunds. If i dont get them in time will i still be able to be a backer?? (we KNOW this game's happening) I was hella hype for skullgirls and backed without even thinking about it. I've...
  15. Nuuance

    An idea for Sekhmet Return after Lady of Slaughter

    So it gets tiring trying to frame perfect a return after lady of slaughter and i want every little bit of meter i can get. what about after super or rather during the red flash, if we hold LP for the duration, then we get an automatic 0-1 frame return?? I feel that's perfectly fair. We'd be...
  16. Nuuance

    Why isn't last teammate's assist mapped to both buttons on trio?

    I remember @Mike_Z saying a while back being confused why last assist was only mapped to one button on death or something...same here. I have left bumper and left trigger...why isn't the assist on both after only left with 2 players? I keep pressing the wrong button and am like "there's no one...
  17. Nuuance

    Feedback?? Making Final Retail/2nd Encore Squigs Video Guide

    For input, PLEASE don't put what's already here. I want disagreements or stuff I've missed So finally decided to make a fully voiced guide & started gathering/compiling info a couple days ago. So far I'm 1/3 done gathering hard info. Next I'll have to write the script, then record, then of...
  18. Nuuance

    Steam - Windows Frequently Crashing after prolonged periods of play

    I'm not really sure what it is, but I keep crashing. I literally reinstalled windows and everything so I could fix the problem but it's still crashing. I can provide pics a little later today, but usually the screen freezes up and gets all crazy. I'll update it later with specs and all details i...
  19. Nuuance

    My thoughts on 2nd Encore for PC [Not purposely directed to Mike Z]

    * In case you dont know what 2nd encore is/is about http://www.reddit.com/r/Skullgirls/comments/34c89q/skullgirls_2nd_encore_faq_read_this_before_asking/ * Sup guys...it's me Nuuance. I've played this game a LONG time & many times. I know theres more behind the scenes & other factors involving...
  20. Nuuance

    GG/Salt Voice Emotes After a match

    I find myself playing hearthstone when I'm not playing skullgirls...and for those of you who dont know/play it, essentially you have "emotes," these thingies saying "hi, well played, or imuna get you" essentially. We already have a bunch of lines so we wouldn't have to get the voice talent back...