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  1. Zidiane

    Steam - Windows Road to Skullgirls: Defend the North

    On July 8th, at 7PM Eastern Time, we'll be holding an online tournament. This is for the PC version of Skullgirls. This event is considered a part of Season 2 of the Skullgirls Tour, and will award points. Sign up here. This event is free entry but there will be a $100 pot bonus. In addition to...
  2. Zidiane

    Skullgirls Tour Season 2

    Hello! So, the last year or so was pretty wild. We successfully launched the Skullgirls Tour, and despite bumps on the way we managed to make waves both in and outside of the SGC. We want to come back again this year, and we’ve received support from several external sources to do so, most...
  3. Zidiane

    Steam - Windows STWTCB2017 Exhibition Sets

    Hello! You may have seen this thread: http://skullheart.com/index.php?posts/392207/ Or this tweet: Essentially, we're going to be given a bunch of money by Stream.me to send players to Combo Breaker. To celebrate this, and to raise more funds, we're holding a few exhibitions on stream. About...
  4. Zidiane

    Steam - Windows Last Minute ZeddyBeatdown Kumite ft. Special Guest Commentator

    Hey all! So, I'm looking to have a sort of abrupt Kumite. I plan it for tomorrow, the 30th, at 7PM EST. Just 5 or so people will do, all FT5 sets. We also may or may not have a SPECIAL GUEST COMMENTATOR. It'll be streamed on Twitch.tv/Dapurplesharpie, so go there once tournament starts. Any...
  5. Zidiane

    Steam - Windows Drunk Zidiane Kumite (October 29th)

    Hello! I'm doing a kumite. I don't think it's tradition to set up your own kumite. Usually you gotta adhere to the kumite hierarchy and go through like peanuts or Kai or something, but I'M MY OWN MAN and this is my kumite. I'm gonna be playing some games, I tell you what! A bunch of them! I'm...
  6. Zidiane

    PC Beta Deflect Fullscreen VS Robo Beam

    I talked about this in the beta thread, but I'm pretty sure it's a bug or not working the way intended. Against Robo fullscreen doing l beam, deflector will be blockable if done too early, but if done later it will hit Robo (this is a guess, as I'm just going by feel... it could be random?). The...
  7. Zidiane

    Adding a Power Ranking system to Skullheart

    I've been talking to a couple people about it, including @Vadsamoht. The general consensus is that public opinion should be sampled before trying to start anything, so there's a poll. Responses are hugely helpful, so please leave those too. Would people want a Power Ranking type system on...
  8. Zidiane

    SG Mobile - Strategy Discussion

    With customizing and deck building, there will of course be optimal outfits and superior sets. Talk about any synergy between cards or characters or abilities here.
  9. Zidiane

    USA Organizing Skullgirls' Event Calendar 2016-2017

    Other thread was closed. But this is still an important discussion. Everyone is excited at the notion of focusing on specific events, so we should continue to have an open discussion about the things we will be doing for and in response to these events If you aren't caught up to date on...
  10. Zidiane

    [Jul 29, 2016] Defend The North 2016 (White Plains, NY)

    Defend The North 2016 July 29 - 31 66 Hale Avenue Crowne Plaza Hotel White Plains, NY 1060 SG is going to be there, along with the usual main game suspects (SFV, KI, MK, UMVC3, Smash 4). Streaming by the super-nice KPB, with a $500 Pot bonus and guaranteed provided setups (!!!) so far. It's on...
  11. Zidiane

    Zeddy Beatdown! Saturdays at 8PM EST

    For those who don't know, I'm now a part of team KPB, so I'm going to be trying to set up a stream on their twitch. As far as the stream itself, it's on a set schedule from 8-12, so 4 hours. The content will be focused on SG for the first 2 or 3 hours, and the back half will be spent playing...
  12. Zidiane

    Palette References in fighting games?

    I think I remember some people getting mad way back when that SG was unoriginal because it was stealing colors by referencing them. Silly, yeah, but just recently I was thinking about all the character references that were in other games. Does anyone know of any (excluding SG references)? Here...
  13. Zidiane

    PS4 Volume bug

    I turned the volume down on the game to 10 for everything, mainly because I didn't want to get up to turn the tv down, and noticed something strange when playing online. It would randomly play sound at what appeared to be 100 volume instead of 10. Playing a few matches online like this was...
  14. Zidiane

    Dragonball Xenoverse

    Looks like we never started a thread for this...? How'd that happen...? Anyway, Xenoverse, probably going to be one of the best DBZ games ever. In case you haven't been keeping up (you nerd), here's the run down. The game will feature Character Customization. And this time, you're allowed to...
  15. Zidiane

    Battle Butt Points Guide

    Ever wonder how Battle Butt points work? You probably haven't, but here's a guide anyway! Check it out!
  16. Zidiane

    Defense Multipliers...? Combo into Counterhit???

    Hitting Big Band's armor with Battle Butt? Does 1050 damage solo. Hit Big Band's armor with Battle Butt when Big Band's a little too close to death? 6000 damage. And if you notice, it's actually killing Big Band when it shouldn't; his health is 1430, and Battle Butt SHOULD be doing 1050, but it...
  17. Zidiane

    Peacock's tag

    At this point, there are so many things you can do to people that can't really be blocked without knowing where it'll hit beforehand, what makes this any different. At least this turns the sprite, giving some indication of what's to come. Well, here is this thing I found anyways. @Mike_Z
  18. Zidiane

    Holding buttons breaks "change stage"

    If during a match you try to change a stage and then you hold some buttons during the load screen (usually buttons to pick the next stage), you're unable to move or pick a stage. Not a big issue, since you can just hit select and go back to the stage select, but still.
  19. Zidiane

    Cross-up hitsparks in real matches

    I just think it would be kinda cool if training mode cross-up hitsparks happened in real matches, on hit and only for the first hit of a combo. I think it would help new players (and some old players) know when they're getting crossed up real time (can't tell you how many times I've heard "Yo...
  20. Zidiane

    Meter value bug?

    Are there different values per bar of meter that you need to get another bar? Because I just found out that it takes more meter to get the first bar than it does to get the second. Same combo, same situation, if you have no meter it builds less than a bar, if you already have a bar (whether...