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    remember when...

    ok that just clicked, im probably just having a really rough time readjusting, i'm going to force myself to at least grind out online for a week and see if it gets anybetter... thanks li
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    remember when...

    well I went about a month and a half between moving having no internet and just getting occasional practice in offline vs bots here and there I don't know its just really peculiar when i'm dropping constantly the most simple things like the example I gave earlier that was just one I messing up...
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    remember when...

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    remember when...

    sorry I double posted earlier in a diferent thread and I had you delete it Liam and left out some crucial info on this post.. when I first started sg in 2014 i always played on atleast 1-3 ggpo just recently after the issues came up I tried play on 0 even opponents ping me under 100 the issue is...
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    remember when...

    Idk i feel like its either A im losing it or B something is up, I've spoken with a frequent pc quickmatch player and hes been having similar repeating drops out of no where, honestly I've played nothing but skullgirls online quickmatch since I got the game sometime in 2014 and I've played with...
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    remember when...

    pc netcode was crisp? cuz i sure do...how tf am i getting such input delay when my ggpo is set to 0 to the point where s.hp is coming out instead of j.hp and its a ongoing thing I literally have to change the way I've been playing online for years. my input device works flawlessly in other games...
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    thanks add for sets on steam :D

    thanks add for sets on steam :D
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    Who are the best Valentine players nowadays?

    theirs totally a different level of respect and integrity(i hope) between tournament players and playing online. neither of those things exist online(where I exist) in QM except a few rare cases(shout out you) ya I'm probably overly salty majority of the time when I play this game but I do enjoy...
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    Who are the best Valentine players nowadays?

    oh you felt I was taking shots at you? really it was towards the online do it because it works community, obviously at the highest level of play things like that aren't going to matter but when you play online for fun and see all the drones doing the same thing it gets quite nerve racking.
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    is broken

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    Who are the best Valentine players nowadays?

    outlawspike hands down best online Valentino, he plays solo he doesn't need hornetbombers or updo's to land a hit in neutral like others mentioned in this thread.
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    armored boat into h statue?

    I think i've figured it out, you cant do it raw you need to it off like dive of horus persay.
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    armored boat into h statue?

    ya i'm trying to combo into into it like you would off a throw, I sware I've seen people do boat into h statue and hit off with j mk cancel into j hp sekhmet. pls halp
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    armored boat into h statue?

    was this nerfed or whats the trick to it?
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    air dhc does drill off the ground.

    Is this how its intended to work? lets say you do valentines air scapples and dhc into fukuas drilll.... why does fukua do the ground drill? really quite annoying and should be fixed IMO can you do like valentines air scappels dhc into fortunes air super or pain wheels?
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    Rage Quit Gallery of Shame: Pass the Salt Edition

    The latest victim, was playing like a complete scumbag then I caught him in a happy birthday right as I was going for a dhc he RQ. lolololol http://imgur.com/yL4JFQu p.s dementia sucks
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    Endless Beta vs main game

    I know that peacock and double are going through major changes right now and its not even worth playing either on retail IMO, right now because they're about to be dramatically changed. @Mike_Z please stop holding up the rest of the game because of beowulf these double changes have been in beta...
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    Skullgirls PC Beta Updates Discussion

    is this marvel? I hope I wake up tomorrow and this was all a nightmare.
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    What move do you always accidentally use?

    Squiglys draugen punch comes out for me sometimes when i'm going for a confirm with cremation off a wallbounce/dhc etc generally when i have to dash into it to catch them.
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    Trying to get better

    you just missed SG being on sale on steam for 66% off.