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    remember when...

    pc netcode was crisp? cuz i sure do...how tf am i getting such input delay when my ggpo is set to 0 to the point where s.hp is coming out instead of j.hp and its a ongoing thing I literally have to change the way I've been playing online for years. my input device works flawlessly in other games...
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    is broken

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    armored boat into h statue?

    was this nerfed or whats the trick to it?
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    air dhc does drill off the ground.

    Is this how its intended to work? lets say you do valentines air scapples and dhc into fukuas drilll.... why does fukua do the ground drill? really quite annoying and should be fixed IMO can you do like valentines air scappels dhc into fortunes air super or pain wheels?
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    Feral edge reset?

    Is it possible to reset off Feral edge with head on outside of the corner?