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  1. Rabbleflaggers

    Parry OS thread

    Learn those frickin parry option selects! Video: This is just a copypaste of what I wrote in the wiki. There are more OS's of course. Feel free to discuss more or talk about situations where they shine. Low/Throw OS Input 2 ~ 5LP+LK (down, return to neutral, delay throw) This will beat...
  2. Rabbleflaggers


    hi epic beo moment
  3. Rabbleflaggers

    Beowulf Guide!!!

    After 8 months, largely because of MikeZ beta stuff, a few guys and I wrote a Beowulf guide! (on Steam). http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=707749604 Additionally, the discord server in which we wrote discussed while writing the guide has become a server dedicated to...