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  1. Baron Rider

    Blade Strangers

    Fans of indie gaming, rejoice! If you want a game which combines all of Nicalis' works int one fighting game, this might be for you! Although unseen in these photos, other playable characters include Quote from Cave Story, Isaac from the Binding of Isaac, Shovel Knight, and Gunvolt from...
  2. Baron Rider

    Middlewood Legion: A Fighting Game Made by Fans, For Fans

    Okay, for far too long I decided to work on a fighting game. However, I need a bunch of guys to do it with me, since I'm mostly the writer. I finalized all the characters for the game, but never got to work on them. So, I designed them without working on their movesets. So... I need your help...
  3. Baron Rider

    Brawlhalla Threadhalla

    Brawlhalla is a game essentially like Smash Bros, but adapted for your loving PC goodness. If you're a player, sign up and post your opinion. And if you want to know the masterminds behind it, it's made by Blue Mammoth. Essentially, all these warriors across history are summoned to Valhalla to...