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  1. keninblack

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    Im not really a fan of the idea of completely removing characters moves, especially Vanilla/Encore characters. Just make MP Bang worse, why is it still punishable**** and not just punishable. Ill post my overall thoughts about the meta/changes eventually. Also Bella can have Jhp be an...
  2. keninblack

    // POLL: ADD Ajna as Skullgirls // * 5th DLC Character *

    What would you need a kickstarter or indiegogo for? What would the money even signify? To help work on a character that's probably not going to be added into the game?
  3. keninblack

    Can i get help comboing Mshot into snipe? please?

    Don't use otg, you have to not have spent otg before you do M Shot into sniper and than followup with something after.
  4. keninblack

    Administrative Welcome back to Skullheart!

    Good to be back, excited to help make this the spot however I can! Shabba for the old folks out there. Parasoul/Double guide v202X?
  5. keninblack

    USA DC, Maryland & Virginia | Locals & Meetups

    https://cave-gaming.com/ Its in Nova, for whenever you're done with your retirement.
  6. keninblack

    Beginner/New Player/Returning Player Matchmaking

    Are you new to the game, or haven't played the game since Vanilla and am starting from scratch? This is the place to go to ask for games with people around your skill level! QM can definitely be aggressive, so come one come all trying to learn!
  7. keninblack

    USA DC, Maryland & Virginia | Locals & Meetups

    XANADUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Post locals, meetups, planning, whatever! Definitely hope to see something go down at Xanadu now. The Cave?! Whenever I'm in town I'll make sure to come through if anything is ever planned, probably with Winnie!
  8. keninblack

    USA New York & New Jersey | Locals & Meetups

    Thread for NY/NJ events, meetups, planning, whatever! FUCK NEW YOOUUUUR XenoZero will be hosting a tournament every Friday starting July 16th! I'm going to work on getting SG a presence at Next Level. I'm going to be looking to host in Hoboken. What's really good?
  9. keninblack

    USA North American Danisen League

    A Danisen League is a great way to get people of all levels competing in sets. With no elimination style, its just a ranking system that helps keep everyone at similar skill levels while climbing the ranks! To sign up you MUST register in my streaming/TOing discord HERE Danisen Leaderboard...
  10. keninblack

    Happy birthday Musica, hope you're doing well!

    Happy birthday Musica, hope you're doing well!
  11. keninblack

    Dual Destiny (March 13th 6PMEST)

    Its going doooown everyone feel free to get your teammate and sign up!
  12. keninblack

    The Annie Patch: Changes and Beta Discussion

    I think the game is in a really solid place, and I'm really positive about the future of it. I don't think incredibly drastic changes are warranted at all. General Changes: - Burst AC needs to be toned down in some capacity. - Normalizing hurtboxes and qol stuff like that across the board...
  13. keninblack

    Dual Destiny (March 13th 6PMEST)

    =D U A L D E S T I N Y= March 13th 6PM EST Signups/Rules: https://challonge.com/DualDestiny1 Stream Discord: https://discord.gg/qMCEgaVwU9 http://twitch.tv/keninblack3s
  14. keninblack

    Wooow we're really out here

    Wooow we're really out here
  15. keninblack

    USA [Feb 17, 2018] The Final Xanadu Monthly - Lock-In! (Arbutus, MD)

  16. keninblack


    O whaat you guys are on here? I played this at my boys place, its fucking sick! Definitely a fan of the feel.
  17. keninblack

    I need a third character

    Filia, Cerebella, or Big Band.
  18. keninblack

    Steam - Windows STWTCB2017 Exhibition Sets

    Ah alright no worries regardless, just keep me updated.
  19. keninblack

    Steam - Windows STWTCB2017 Exhibition Sets

    If you want I can commentate WYL. Up to yall though, I can tone it down and whatnot if need be.