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  1. keninblack

    Beginner/New Player/Returning Player Matchmaking

    Are you new to the game, or haven't played the game since Vanilla and am starting from scratch? This is the place to go to ask for games with people around your skill level! QM can definitely be aggressive, so come one come all trying to learn!
  2. keninblack

    USA DC, Maryland & Virginia | Locals & Meetups

    XANADUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Post locals, meetups, planning, whatever! Definitely hope to see something go down at Xanadu now. The Cave?! Whenever I'm in town I'll make sure to come through if anything is ever planned, probably with Winnie!
  3. keninblack

    USA New York & New Jersey | Locals & Meetups

    Thread for NY/NJ events, meetups, planning, whatever! FUCK NEW YOOUUUUR XenoZero will be hosting a tournament every Friday starting July 16th! I'm going to work on getting SG a presence at Next Level. I'm going to be looking to host in Hoboken. What's really good?
  4. keninblack

    USA North American Danisen League

    A Danisen League is a great way to get people of all levels competing in sets. With no elimination style, its just a ranking system that helps keep everyone at similar skill levels while climbing the ranks! To sign up you MUST register in my streaming/TOing discord HERE Danisen Leaderboard...
  5. keninblack

    Dual Destiny (March 13th 6PMEST)

    =D U A L D E S T I N Y= March 13th 6PM EST Signups/Rules: https://challonge.com/DualDestiny1 Stream Discord: https://discord.gg/qMCEgaVwU9 http://twitch.tv/keninblack3s
  6. keninblack

    Tutorial The Mental Game

    So the SGC has plenty of threads discussing the mechanics and the ins and outs of understanding the game of Skullgirls. Which is awesome! However, I feel like one thing that doesn't get talked about enough is what happens outside of the game. The mental and physical aspect of the player him or...
  7. keninblack

    [Dec 3, 2016] NJ's 3rd Quarterly Rapport (SG/Melee/SF5/Xrd/SSB64) (Somerset, New Jersey)

    RSVP ON THE OFFICIAL FB PAGE ==Events & Rules=================================== Venue Fee: $10 online, $15 at the door Street Fighter V (PS4) - $10 entry Guilty Gear Xrd-R- (PS4) - $10 entry Skullgirls 2nd Encore (PS4) - $10 entry Super Smash Bros (N64) - $10 entry Super Smash Bros Teams*...
  8. keninblack

    Steam - Windows Skullgirls Matchup Chart Project (2016-2017)

    DISCLAIMER: This MU chart is not going to be gospel or the end all be all of SG tiers as we know it, i'm just curious to see what the collective of players feel is going on in the current meta of SG as it is now. So, the game is very close to being complete, with the whole roster in the game...
  9. keninblack

    USA Ideas For CB2017 Exhibition(s?)

    Hello my beautiful wonderful gorgeous people who I all appreciate very much. So now is the time to start busting Chicago maneuvers and thinking about what exhibitions we can conjure up for the BIGGEST TOURNAMENT OF THE GOSH DANG YEAR. Here are some ideas we've conjured up! -EC v World...
  10. keninblack

    Steam - Windows Bi Monthly NFC Beta Tournament (Sometime In Nov)

    So the months I'm not running WYL, i'm going to be running this! A tournament! WOO! Rules: -US/Canada Only -Double Elimination -3/5 all the way through -Winner must keep character/team and assists -Loser may switch -Cap at 32 twitch.tv/keninblack I'll be streaming/commentating the matches I...
  11. keninblack

    Steam - Windows WHO YALL LIKE?! (November TBA)

    Lobbies are on PC. I'm getting a PC. Lets see if people want me to do this again. So, wanna prove you're better than someone? Want to just showcase yourself or maybe a friend on stream? Or, most importantly... WANNA SQUASH THAT BEEF?! Well do I have something for you... Details: Where-...
  12. keninblack

    [Aug 7, 2016] NJ's 2nd Quarterly Rapport (SG/Melee/SF5/Xrd/SSB64) (Somerset, New Jersey)

    RSVP ON THE OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE its that time of year again. final details TBA. previous one www.facebook.com/events/221998838144369 ==Links========================================== Brackets: quarterlyrapport.challonge.com FGC Stream: Melee Stream: 64/Bonus Stream: Dustloop: Smashboards...
  13. keninblack

    Its Lit (PS3/PS4 Lobby Welcoming Tournament of Passion)

    WHATS GOOD SCOUNDRELS. So as you some of you may know, PS3/PS4 is on its way to having lobbies in the game! No idea when that will really happen but I just want this thread to be a placeholder! Because, when it dooooes happen, IMA HOST A TOURNAMENT. I'll stream and commentate it, if people like...
  14. keninblack

    [Mar 11, 2016] Do or DI - A Smash/FGC Major (Atlantic City, New Jersey)

    <<<<<<< PLEASE RSVP/CHECK THE FACEBOOK PAGE >>>>>>> REGISTRATION LINK WILL BE LIVE SOON! Hitbox Arena has joined forces with the organizers of GameaCon to bring you HBA's first major event... Do or DI Together, they are excited to bring Smash and FGC competitive gaming back to Atlantic City...
  15. keninblack


    As most people who have attended Big E/East Coast/Really any major knows, Singles usually takes place Saturday, finishing up finals and whatnot on Sunday. Friday however usually has the venue open to run teams for various games such as USF4, UMVC3, MKX, etc etc. Would people be down in me...
  16. keninblack

    Team East Coast Qualifier's @ NEC16

    A lot of stuff happened for NEC today, oodles of good news! So I just felt like adding a bit of incentive. So i'm trying to have a EC vs the world 10v10 at Combo Breaker As you can see, 4 slots are open. So, this how we'll decide 3 of them. I'll be hosting 3 separate tournaments at NEC aside...
  17. keninblack

    EC VS The World 10v10 @ Combo Breaker 2016

    DISCLAIMER: I've always tried to do a fun team exhibition for LITERALLY 2 YEARS NOW AND ITS NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED. That said, if this doesn't happen, whatever. HOWEVER, I have full confidence in this now since the teams are waaay more fair in comparison to the other two years. Bottom Line...
  18. keninblack

    Issues You Have With Youtube and Youtube Gaming

    No need to go into too much detail of it, but I'm just curious. What do you guys wish Youtube would fix thats been bothering you about the website for a long time? List ANYTHING and everything, interface, videos, playlists, ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT THE WEBSITE. Youtube Gaming too, tell me what...
  19. keninblack

    [Oct 24, 2015] Defend The North (Astoria, New York)

    Original Facebook Page On October 24&25 2015, the 19th Avenue Exhibition Center will open its doors to welcome the fighting game community Defend The North (DTN2015), a major fighting game tournament. New York City consists of a diverse gaming community that has grown substantially over the...
  20. keninblack

    Interest Check: SG at The Break (Tuesdays)

    8 On The Break 340-346 North Avenue Dunellen, New Jersey 08812 They host Smash 4/MKX/sometimes USF4 EVERY Tuesday. I can bring a setup for SG. Would people show up? Food available at the venue, NO venue fee, its a freaking arcade. We could do a dollar-5 dollar tournaments if you guys want I...