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  1. Rynozilla

    Site takes a while or never loads

    At first I thought it was a problem with my internet, or maybe my computer. But then I asked my friend, and he's also had trouble getting into SkullHeart, from time to time. And then just this morning, when I checked it at school, on my phone, it just refused to load a lot of the time. I know...
  2. Rynozilla

    I get better and cry on the inside

    Hello, I've actually been wanting to make this for a WHIIIIIILE but had never gotten around to it. Soooo, here it is. I'll be putting here stuff every once in a while, or maybe often, depending on how things go. I'll also get the time to edit this post and put things like the stuff I know, etc...
  3. Rynozilla

    Names during local matches

    Well. This might be kinda dumb... But... Y'know how on Salty (and a lot of tournaments when streamed in general) they put in the name of the players? Well. What if you could enter your name, and have it show under your health bar, like in online matches. And it would be changed just like with...
  4. Rynozilla

    The Steven Universe Thread! [SPOILERS]

    Welcome to the thread! This thread is not just for discussing the show, but also for getting people interested in it as well. [/Spoiler] That's all I can think of for now, hope I have at least piqued the interest of at least a single person. Soo, let...
  5. Rynozilla

    How do you read frame data?

    1. I know, I know. I've been making a lot of useless threads lately.... 2. I couldn't find any threads that specifically focus on this, so my apologies if there is one. 3. I feel this is a VERY important of not just Skullgirls, but fighting games in general. Not many casuals, and ESPECIALLY not...
  6. Rynozilla

    Need Blue Screen help

    So. My laptop's been Blue Screen-ing for a while in the beginning, then kinda went away? Not it's back with a vengeance. REAAAALLY could use some help. Anything at all would be great.
  7. Rynozilla

    Previous Versions of Characters

    There is a 99.99999% chance this won't ever happen, but it's a nice idea. Like in USFIV, you can play versions of characters from previous versions of the game, DLC character updates. Like Vanilla SG (v1.00), Squigly Update, BB Update, etc. You can choose to turn off and on Version Choice in the...
  8. Rynozilla

    Cerebella Easier re-stand for j.LP?

    This is kind of a dumb request, since it feels like I'm the only person with this problem. But can j.LP be made easier to rapid fire? It's really unreliable for me, so I never end up using it since Bella has so many other tools anyway.
  9. Rynozilla

    Achievement Ideas

    Since the characters the main 8 have achievements, I was thinking the DLC characters should as well. Just throwing some ideas out there, but here goes. Squigly's could be "Stancelled [number] many times", BB's "Played [number] amount of notes using s.MP", and Eliza's "Did [number] damage total...
  10. Rynozilla

    Controller Players: D-Pad, or Analog Stick?

    What do you use, and why? I use a combination of the D-Pad, for moving my character, and the Stick, for inputs and such. Are there any reasons to not use both like I do?
  11. Rynozilla

    Dealing with Brass Knuckles [H]

    There must have been a thread of this before, or maybe there still is. But I honestly need to learn to counter this. Fukua + Brass Knuckles [H] Assist makes me cringe. How many hits of armor does it have compared to Lock 'n' Load? Do I just use an assist with Armor? An assist like Updo doesn't...
  12. Rynozilla

    Dealing with Psychics

    Ok, really, I just mean people perfectly predicting obvious moves. How do you become unpredictable? I just feel like everything I do is in vain because they counter it like it's nothing.