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    USA Burbank, CA SG @ Game Realms

    If you're close to here come on over and play videogames. I probably won't update this all the time but maybe someone else will lol. (tournament is on ps4)
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    Youtube going through my youtube playlist causes SG to lag?

    I'm not putting this in bugs because I don't know what's going on and have no understanding of this whatsoever but just like the title says. I have no idea what would cause this but SG seems to be the only game where I experience this but I can try more games and see what happens. It's the...
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    Steam - Windows Lobby name bug in Retail and Beta

    This happens in beta too but the name will but SGLOBBYNAMEX x being the number the names is assigned to. idk if it's been already logged but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
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    Steam - Windows Big Band can't block after parry against (some) projectile supers(?)

    I didn't test everything but Big Band can't block after a successful parry against Robo beam super the beginning of Argus agony or Annie's beam super but he can parry then block fukua's fireball super and it might be the only projectile big band can block after a successful parry. Would this be...
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    Steam - Windows -log steam launch option seemingly causes game to crash.

    I recently added -log to my steam launch options in the hopes of being able to send logs (not sure if these are useful anymore?) and when I select 'quick match' the game crashes upon the initial search. Removing the launch options seems to fix it. I'll see the text of it "looking for a room"...
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    Steam - Windows Getting disconnects mid match with specific people

    idk where to post this and I'm not sure how it'll help but I do experieence disconnects with specific players midmatch. In quick match
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    Steam - Windows On kill dashes are read in reverse

    I'm not sure if it's when the hitstop happens on death but it can mess up positioning after a kill here's replay for it if it helps, it happens at the end of the match when big band kills eliza. I backdash but the game gives me forward dash. I think this is a known bug (It's been present for...
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    Painwheel reset thread

    We don't have one so I made one. I wanted to share this cross up reset I have with Painwheel (idk if it's already been made), she can set it up herself but it's very character specific however with the right assist she has more options as long as the assist can prop up the enemy enough such...
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    Ideas on punishing H teleport with projectile and assist?

    Realizing this might need a different thread but this is what I'm referring to This is very helpful! (and probably in need of a different thread, my bad) [I was wondering what someone would do in the case of 5HP LnL H teleport but also that's probably best in another thread but that punish...
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    Painwheel Armor burst resets

    I still think this is a very cool concept that someone much better than me can develop into something powerful idk, it could add an extra layer to pw, in the video you see that on burst they can't seem to call their assist until they land I think you can go for a different mix up based on...
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    Another bug thread but only Stuff posts in it.

    So I just wanted to make a thread of things I notice. There's still this odd bug where you can get stuck in QM forever waiting for a room or something but as soon as you realize, "hey it's not queuing me up", and you go to lobby as soon as you're in the lobby menu the error message "Failed to...
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    Character select time out bug

    So I was on QM and I was waiting on my opponent to pick their characters or maybe it was stage select idk, but it counted down all the way to zero and stayed there. Not sure where else to report this. https://clips.twitch.tv/SuspiciousEphemeralTireSSSsss-YzTBjhk0ttN659q7 here's the clip.
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    I miss forums...

    Yeah... Here's hoping the patch brings this back.
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    Painwheel [BUG???] Painwheel can be ground thrown out of flight.

    Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Also hi, long time no see. Hopefully the game wasn't finished in my absence. Edit: I forgot to add that it's only when she's low enough to the ground so perhaps it's intentional but I really dislike that an air state can be ground thrown at...
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    How to beat Fiber Uppercut when it whiffs

    So we've all been there, you got Fortune near you but you want to bait whatever the heck she might do. Oh looks like fiber whiffed boo hoo what a stupid move I certainly can't do anything now, Fortune is stupid. Will everyone have a punish for it? Maybe I dunno I'm not done with every possible...
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    [Suggestion] Head scaling per ratio? or God damn this hurts the higher my ratio is.

    So HUGE shot in the dark but you know how Fortune's head has 50% unscaled damage for every ratio? Well the damage gets pretty crazy the higher the ratio team fortune is in which makes it really freaking scary if you're a trio headless player. like me :c Anyway what I was wondering for ages but...
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    Common Rookie Fortune mistakes

    Note: This PSA Assumes you are using head-on Fortune although most beginner Fortune's usually stick with head-on first. This thread's purpose is to note common mistakes beginner Fortune players make. (Maybe one about Fortune misconceptions would be cool one day) Other note: This doesn't mean...
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    Robo Fortune's Hitboxes [FINAL]

    Robot. STANDING NORMALS s.lp s.mp s.hp s.lk s.mk s.hk CROUCHING NORMALS cr.lp cr.mp cr.hp cr.lk cr.mk cr.hk JUMPING NORMALS j.lp j.mp j.hp j.lk j.mk j.hk SPECIALS L Theonite Beam 236 LP/QCF LP M Theonite Beam 236 MP/QCF MP H Theonite Beam 236 HP/QCF HP L Air...
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    Peacock Teleport interacting oddly with opponent tag

    Mike_Z uh I know that you're done and all but maybe this is something you'd be concerned about.
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    Filia Safe Gregor setup

    So this isn't necessarily a bug but perhaps something to be concerned about: So @Mike_Z I was wondering more if you were okay with Filia being able to do this (and I've asked about this before so if you still feel the same way then this is now Filia tech) Point is at certain heights gregor is...