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  1. mpgame99

    Robo-Fortune Guide

    After 5 months of hard work, me and a few other Robo players (Mr.Peck, PME, Dud,Sunset Radiance, and Silktail) made a in-depth guide for her. I hope you guys like it. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=945731823 If the steam guide doesn't work for you for whatever reason...
  2. mpgame99

    My diary where I try to git gud

    So I'm just going straight to the point and say I suck and need people to help me get better at this game. These are the things I noticed from watching some of my matches General -Learn to actually block and not mash assist the second I'm hit -Stop auto-piloting and adapt to what other people...
  3. mpgame99

    Valentine HK Savage Bypass not working on big band

    Like the title says when I try to use the Hk savage bypass on big band in the corner the move completely whifs but if I use a different version or use it midscreen it works
  4. mpgame99

    Big Band match up thread

    Discuss Big Bands match ups here.