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  1. Zazz

    Small Character Select Sprite Error?

    I don't know if this is a bug or a sprite coloring error or a UI thing or something else, but I noticed that Peacock's shoulders is colored incorrectly on her default color in the character select screen. In-match it appears to be the same color as her dress, but at the select screen it looks...
  2. Zazz

    Skullgirls Stage & Background Discussion

    After reading the patch notes today about the recent changes to Class Notes and Atrium, I figured I'd make a topic about this. I think a very important aspect of any fighting game is the stages. So, what's the general opinion on the stages to Skullgirls? What's your favorite? Which one do you...
  3. Zazz

    Option to Turn Off stage specific lighting?

    Since this is the feature request forum, I figure I'll post an idea I have been thinking about lately. I've been watching the occasional lab zero stream and I was thinking about how the coloring of the sprites look so much better when the stage dynamic lighting isn't on. So, I'll just ask, is...
  4. Zazz

    Graphical Glitches and Bugs

    sometimes i notice glitches that aren't related to gameplay, so i figure i'll just post them up here: Lines on sprite afterimages: these lines only seem to show up during certain moves, specifically supers which have afterimage effects on them. i have anti-aliasing forced off and the newest...
  5. Zazz

    Zazz's Art Thread

    i used to post in the general art thread at the old version of skullheart, but i think i'll just make my own thread this time. here's the stuff i did before the forum went offline. i did these during the votes to represent those who i wanted to win or who i thought looked kinda cool Leduc...