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  1. Ebony

    About the art compendium

    with the new season 1 pass, there will be new art added to the art book for free as it says on steam. My question is, will it also be updated for past and future purchases through Humble Bundle? I already have the art book via humble bundle so I want to know if I need to buy it again through steam.
  2. Ebony

    Can we shove this easter egg into the game

    It's James Bond 007 And So the deal is, when Parasoul kills someone with sniper shot, this tune will play and it'll fit perfectly. I got the idea from Poccola and it's really good. Just like Cerebella and that goat attack that gives you 20 points and particles if you kill with that!
  3. Ebony

    Steam Skullgirls Soundtrack

    I want to see the game's soundtrack on Steam.