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  1. wonderland

    (Updated August 25) We Will [Maybe] Return! Squigly Wishlist Thread

    you can delay ur mix of m dive, or with that change, use l for an empty land for an even faster reset than u can get currently I somehow missed your initial post! so ill give my thoughts now -sbo damage increase would be very unnessecary, and i kind of like how it does more chip than damage at...
  2. wonderland

    (Updated August 25) We Will [Maybe] Return! Squigly Wishlist Thread

    figure ill add my two cents to this. i think squig is very strong and in a good place, but some of her tools are a bit lacking, heres what i would do to change that -clp restands. give us a reason to use it, at all. the animation is so cute! -smk low launch ground opponents a la peacock smk. its...
  3. wonderland

    Airdash lockout buffer for jump normals

    Hey all, there was some discussion in the maincord lately about how airdash lockout works currently. If you instant airdash, you are locked out of attacks until the airdash happens, but they are not buffered after the dash. How would people feel about changing this? I feel like it would make...
  4. wonderland

    Umbrella Alpha Gameplay Discussion Thread

    IMO the overlap between 6LP and [4]6LP is pretty cool and adds a bit of depth to the character, but if that isn't intentional 6LP could be changed to 4LP/3LP or something. I'm definitely all for hunger being flipped(empty = starving, etc), it's kinda confusing as is. Just a few ideas for...
  5. wonderland

    Quality of Life Changes Suggestion Thread

    Just a few things on this Having incoming lockout on squigly tag would be really nice as well, I dont want to buff tag but tagging into squig after a kill is a bit annoying as is. Personally, I really like nom as it is now. It always flies away from the closest edge of the screen, which...
  6. wonderland

    i hate y'all

    i hate y'all
  7. wonderland

    Who do you think DLC characters 3 and 4 will be?

    Marie seems like an easy choice. I'd love black dhalia as well. Aeon is my #1 hope but I'm not expecting it this season :')
  8. wonderland

    A Case For Single Player

    this!! the only tutorial ive played besides skugs is the xrd one, and it was actually very fun. it made getting my friends into the game so much easier, and i wish it was common practice for modern fgs. melee's break the targets is goated
  9. wonderland

    // POLL: ADD Ajna as Skullgirls // * 5th DLC Character *

    I would love this but i seriously doubt its possible now...