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  1. Denizen

    The Wulf Den, 2nd Ed. Back in the Pack!

    WULFAMANIA IS BACK I've avoided starting a thread like this because I didn't want The Wulf Pack to be associated with certain less reputable character threads, nor did I want it to be held back by the restrictions of the forum. The Pack has survived well enough on it's own, but considering that...
  2. Denizen

    Tutorial Questions

    I couldn't find a thread for asking questions about the character tutorials so I'm making one. (Let me know if there is one and I just missed it) My question is, why doesn't Beowulf's tutorial say anything about his hop dash? I feel like that's pretty important. (Also let me know if that's...
  3. Denizen


    Alright fools, I'm gonna introduce y'all to something you've never seen before, something new and unique. It's called URBANCE. It's hot, it's fresh, it's original, and its Kickstarter needs your help. I could say more but I'll let this kick-ass trailer do the talking for me. LINK TO THE...
  4. Denizen

    Mac Version System Requirements

    Skullgirls will inevitably receive a Mac Version and with it I hope to move from casual to semi-casual playing. Before that happens I have a question to ask the more technologically savvy members of the community. When a Mac Version of Skullgirls is released what will its system requirements be...
  5. Denizen

    Horror Movies

    WELCOME TO THE HORROR MOVIES THREAD My sister and I have recently gotten in the mood to be spooked, so we've been searching around for horror flicks that could satisfy our newfound desire. To make this search easier I've started this thread dedicated to discussion about all things Cinematic &...
  6. Denizen

    MBTI Thread

    It's a personality test that labels you as one of 16 Different Personality Types based on your answers to a test. Personally I think human beings are a little too complex to be accurately categorized by their personality, but I still think it's pretty cool to know what what type I am. It's sort...
  7. Denizen

    Video Game Characters You LOVE

    Have you ever discovered a character that you've connected with on a deep emotional level? Have you ever wanted to reach into your TV screen and embrace this person for making the world a better place for you? If you have then post an image of them here and explain why you think they're so...
  8. Denizen

    Skullgirls Persona Thread

    SKULLGIRLS PERSONA THREAD I know I'm not the only one who has fantasized about living in the realm of fiction. We're all guilty of it, it's only natural to want something other than the mundane life that we're used to living. Some works of fiction are far more suited to this sort of thinking...
  9. Denizen

    The Foxhole

    MILITARY PERSONNEL ONLY (Just Kidding) So I recently told my parents that I plan on joining the military after I graduate from college. They were very supportive of my decision and they weren't dramatic about it at all, the whole talk lasted about 3 minutes. I made this decision only recently...
  10. Denizen

    Video Game Horror

    WELCOME TO THE VIDEO GAME HORROR THREAD. I'm not a hardcore fan of Horror Games, but I always enjoy playing them, especially with friends and family. So I've decided to start a thread for Horror Game discussion, since SkullHeart was lacking one. First topic, what is your favorite Horror Game...
  11. Denizen

    The Walking Thread (SPOILERS)

    In response to the Mid-Season 4 Finale I thought it would be appropriate to start a thread for The Walking Dead. Whether it be the Comic Book, the TV Series, or the Video Game, here is where you discuss The Walking Dead. By entering this thread you are exposing yourself to spoilers, so do so at...
  12. Denizen

    The Super Best Friends Thread

    Alright I think I've put this off for long enough. This is the thread where you talk about The Two Best Friends Play Team, AKA The Super Best Friends, AKA The Best Friends Zaibatsu. For those who don't know, they are a small group of Youtube comedians who talk and play video games for everyone's...
  13. Denizen

    Toonami Thread

    This is the thread where you talk about Toonami.
  14. Denizen

    The Wulf Den

    WELCOME TO THE WULF DEN This Labor Day marks the return of Skull Heart and with it The Wulf Den, the official home of The Wulf Pack. The Wulf Pack is simply a group of people who are brought together by common interest. Those interests are Lab Zero, Skullgirls, Beowulf, and everything else. So...