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    Skullgirls Ask Blogs

    Sexy AF Genderbend Fortune.
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    Discussion about Filia's weight

    http://skullheart.com/index.php?threads/skullgirls-origins-filia-before-and-after.11385/ Here's a post I made yesterday.
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    Canon The Official Skullgirls Webcomic

    I seen that tweet before. And I am hyped.
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    Skullgirls Origins: Filia Before and After

    Title is self explanatory but yeah this is actually canon. Image is considered spoilers.
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    General Fanart Discussion (Potentially NSFW)

    Giving Filia's chub love.
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    Thank you.

    Thank you.
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    Spotlight Lab Zero and Limited Run Games Have a Treat For Fans Of Skullgirls This Halloween

    Guess what? Skullgirls is getting a Nintendo Switch port.
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    Ms Fortune Slave Outfit Appreciation thread

    Show everybody here the best Ms Fortune Slave Outfit images you can find.
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    Thank you.

    Thank you.
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    General Fanart Discussion (Potentially NSFW)

    -Insert Minette's response here-
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    Your own headcanon

    Here is another Unofficial Skullgirls 2 bio. And this time it's Painwheel. Due to constantly battling the power of Brain Drain for control over her body and refusing to submit to the monster inside her, Carol was gravely injured during Marie's time as the Skullgirl leaving her to die from...
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    Zombie girl media

    No love for Mariska?
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    Bust a Groove thread

    A thread discussing about Hideyuki Tanaka's Rhythm Fighting game Bust a Groove and its sequel. Fun fact: Hideyuki Tanaka is also the creator of Super Milk Chan.
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    I got Pokemon videos you all got to see.
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    Tomorrow is my birthday.

    Thanks. I love it.
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    Official Skullgirls Tall Tales Thread

    I understand. I just can't think of one.
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    Tomorrow is my birthday.

    Thanks my friend.
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